The Iron Wolves Series by Jude Marquez (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Iron Wolves Series by Jude Marquez (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Iron Wolves Series by Jude Marquez (1, 3)
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Overview: Jude Marquez is a lover of all things romance. They began writing in first grade and hasn’t stopped since. They live in the Pacific Northwest and reads MM romance voraciously as well as horror and suspense.
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM


1. The Calling – The Call comes with a heavy price.
For centuries, shifters have managed to keep their lineage a secret. But their numbers grow smaller and smaller with every generation and it is the Alpha’s duty to Call the shifters back home so that they might rebuild their numbers.
However, the barbarians of the Storm Isles and the cruel Kings of the Cerith nation will learn of their secret. The Alpha must choose: the death of his people or risk war.
Prince Tristan Rolf’s entire life was laid out for him from the moment of his birth. He was born an Alpha Prince, destined to carry on his family name and legacy.
But Tristan’s heart, and fate, have other plans.
Bennet Goldbow grew up under the protection of the royal family. The first time he met Prince Tristan, they forged a friendship that would carry them through wars and heartbreak. As the years pass, Bennet’s love and admiration for the Prince become something more. He knows his feelings for his close friend are unrequited but when he is gifted with magic, another possibility presents itself.
As the dangers grow and the stakes become higher than they could imagine, will Bennet and Tristan be able to keep peace in their lands?

3. The Crossroads – An innocent held against her will.
Kingdoms on the verge of war.
A Crown Prince missing.
Now on the island, Bennet and Tristan believe that they have a haven where their child can be born safely. But events are twisting beyong their control and while they wait for their child, there is so much more on the horizon.
Two mysterious strangers show up on their island and claim impossible things.
Can Tristan believe them? Will he ever trust them?
And when familiar faces show up to demand his help, what will become of his family?

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1. The Calling

3. The Crossroads


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