The Home Stand Series by Lacy Hart (.ePUB)

The Home Stand Series by Lacy Hart (.ePUB)

The Home Stand Series by Lacy Hart (2-3)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 306 kb
Overview: Lacy is a lover of hot coffee, decadent sweets, oh so bad boys, and spending weekends knee deep in romance novels. In between getting lost worlds of gruff firefighters and impossibly, yet tantalizingly, handsome military men, she puts pen to paper to conjure her own steamy stories that always end with a guaranteed happily ever after.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


2. Balk – Wes Martin gave up a career in the major leagues to be with Kristin, the small-town librarian, and the two have been living a happy life in Chandler ever since. That is until spring rolls around, and the familiar itch of spring training makes Wes wonder if he gave up on baseball too soon.
Should Wes stay in Chandler?
Could he make it in the big leagues again?
Would their newly forged relationship survive?
The complications quickly build for both Wes and Kristin – careers, family, friends, relationships, secrets – Is their desire for each other strong enough to overcome it all?

3. Curveball – A lot has changed in the lives of Wes Martin and Kristin Arthur. They became engaged, had a child, and settled into a life of love and happiness as they prepared for their future together. But life is a curveball, and when a voice from the past shows up, it threatens to tear the Martin family apart.
Can Wes and Kristin handle what is thrown at them?

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2. Balk

3. Curveball


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