The Grateful Undead Bundle by Susan Stec (.ePUB)

The Grateful Undead Bundle by Susan Stec (.ePUB)

The Grateful Undead Bundle by Susan Stec (Books #1-4)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 977 kB
Overview: The first 4 books in The Grateful Undead series are full of humor, romance, family, and crazy – vampires, werewolves, fae, witches, a shapeshifter dragon, and more colorful characters will tickle your funny bone and heat up your nights.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Paranormal


In book one, THEY’RE SO VEIN, the women in the Stech family went from dentures to fangs, Depends to thongs, Dr. Scholl’s® to stilettos, and bumbled their way into an undead lifetime of Critter Control when one of them inadvertently turned a raccoon into a vampoon.

GRAVE SIGHT (book 2) begins as the team is dispatched to destroy a vamp-gator wreaking havoc at Gatorland in Orlando, only to get sidetracked by a serial killer investigation, a vamp-bull at a rodeo in Kissimmee, and a colorful demon named Rafael. Between bronco busting, dragon riding, Jesus-freak chasing, gator hunting, demon summoning and dead bodies popping up everywhere, Susan’s finding it hard to fit in a little romp time.

BLOOD, SWEAT, AND DEMON TEARS: When Rafael gifts JoAnn with an Earth-to-Abyss cellphone so she can communicate with her sister, Susan soon finds out that JoAnn has gone from servitude to concubine, and no longer wishes to come home.
Only problem is that JoAnn really loves her new cell phone and the frequent calls–time really moves like Hell in the Abyss–are driving Marcus and Susan batty!
In their attempt to retrieve JoAnn, THE GRATEFUL UNDEAD team ultimately finds themselves knee-deep in vamp critters, demons, rogues, and a host of new and colorful characters, when the mission takes them from their home in Florida to the streets of New Orleans.

And in book 4, COFFIN FIT, All Hell is breaks loose:
The women in the Stech family are aging. Jeni and Paul are dating.
Christopher is getting a free Travel-to-Hell-and-Back card from Satan.
JoAnn is using and abusing drugs, and she’s sexting Raphael at bedtime.
Raphael wants to come to earth and live with JoAnn and Lily.
Chick kills a senior citizen at bingo.
Dorius’ head is on the block with the Italian council—a fanged critter turned up in Italy.

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