The Gilroy Clan Series by Megyn Ward (.ePUB)

The Gilroy Clan Series by Megyn Ward (.ePUB)

The Gilroy Clan Series by Megyn Ward (#1, 3-6, 8 )
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Overview: Megyn Ward lives on coffee, chocolate and more than the occasional glass of red wine. When she’s not spending time with the people who live inside her head, she’s raising her four kids under the relentless Arizona sun and praying for a rainy day.
Genre: Erotic Romance


1. Pushing Patrick – “Are you gonna tell her what happened?” His large, callused hand slips under my shirt, his fingers doing a relaxed slide up my ribcage while his hips do a slow grind against my backside.
“Nothing happened with Trevor. I told you—”
“That’s not what I’m talking about.” Laughter brushes against my ear a moment before he presses his mouth against the underside of my jaw. “And you know it.”
It was a bet. A stupid bet. One I never should have made. One I knew, that could cost me everything…To be honest, I didn’t even think it would work. I kissed Patrick the night we met and he couldn’t have made it clearer—he isn’t into me. Not like that. He’s funny, sweet and holy-shit-hot—entirely too good for a girl like me. He’s perfect and I’m… not. So, we’re friends. Just friends. When my life falls apart and I need a place to live, Patrick comes to my rescue, no questions asked. I know it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just one friend, helping out another. I know that… but I can’t help but want more. I can’t help but want him. It’s my friend, Tess, who points out that Patrick may be perfect, but he’s still a man. That if I push hard enough, I can make him want me. I know she’s wrong because I’ve been shot down by Patrick before and I have no desire to subject myself to it again… but what if she’s right? What if all Patrick needs is a little push?The last thing I expected was for him to push back. Or to like it so much when he did.

3. Having Henley – I’m the Gilroy your mother warned you about.
I’m a simple creature.I drink. I f*ck. I fight.If you’re looking to do any of those things, I’m down. But I never do the same woman twice so if you’re looking for something a little more long term than the time it takes us to both get off then don’t blame me when you get hurt because you’ve been warned.I’m not a return to the scene of the crime kind of guy.I like my life. I like my freedom. At least I did. But that was before she came back into my life and ruined it all.Ruined me.As much as I want to blame her though, I can’t. Because the simple life I’ve built myself, really isn’t simple at all. It’s a fortress I’ve constructed to keep her out. To keep her away because Henley O’Connell is dangerous to me in ways I can’t even begin to describe.A life without her is easier. Cleaner. That’s what I keep telling myself and I’ll keep saying it, over and over, until I believe it. Because Henley is the only woman I’ve ever really wanted.And she’s the only woman I can never really have.

4. Conquering Conner – Conner Gilroy was my brother’s best friend.
Popular. Smart. Gorgeous. With his cocky grin and perfect family, he was the fantasy of almost every girl I knew, including mine.
And for some reason, he wanted me.
Me, Henley O’Connell. The ugly bookworm with bright orange hair. Poor white trash with a quick temper and a chip on her
shoulder. He confused me and made me angry. He treated me like I was something more than what I was. Like maybe what I
wanted wasn’t just a silly fantasy.
Like maybe it was real.
As much as I wanted to trust him, believe in him, I couldn’t. I pushed him away. I left Boston. Tried to move on without him.
Tried to pretend that letting him go wasn’t the single worst mistake of my life.
But now I’m back.
It wasn’t supposed to be forever, It was temporary. A way to find closure. A way to move on. To prove to myself that I was right. That Conner Gilroy forgot about me as soon as I left.
That I didn’t break his heart.
He isn’t at all who I remember. He’s surly and arrogant. He drinks too much and calls me Daisy. He scares me because
one look at him and I know that there is no going back to my perfect life. Eight years later, I still want what he promised me.
I want forever.

5. Destroying Declan – Declan Gilroy is an assh*le.
Eight years ago, he pushed his way into my life and made himself at home.
Made me believe he was different.
Made me love him.
And then he destroyed me.
Left me.
Broke my heart.
And I’ll never forgive him for it.
I’ve spent the last eight years watching him move on. Live his life like what he did to me meant nothing.
Like I meant nothing.
He might not love me anymore, but he still wants me.
That much I’m sure of.
I can see it in the way he looks at me.
Feel it in the way he kisses me.
I’ve waited eight long years to get even but it’s finally here.
The chance to make him hurt.
To destroy him.
And I’m going to take it.
Even if it destroys me, all over again.

6. Taming Tesla – Tess thinks I’m an assh*le. A liar. That I can’t be trusted. She’s right.
I’m all of those things and more.
I can’t be trusted.
I am a liar. I am an assh*le.
What she doesn’t get is that it’s her.
She’s the reason.
She brings out the best and the worst in me.
Makes me who I am.
I don’t deserve Tess.
I know that.
But I want her.
Love her.
And everything she knows about me, everything
she’s made me, makes me the guy who will stop
at nothing to tame her.

8. Giving Grace – I’m the broken Gilroy.
Or at least I was until Grace Faraday waltzed into my life with her mile-long legs, smart mouth, and quiet determination and decided I wasn’t as far gone as everyone thought.
She’s trying to make something of her life. For herself. For her daughter, Molly. The last thing she needs is a washed up soldier with a bum leg and a broken brain dragging her down, but the more I try to stay away from her, the deep her I sink. The more determined I become to save her from my bullsh*t, the faster I feel my resolve to do the right thing slip away.
Maybe I am broken.
Maybe I am beyond repair but Grace sees something in me. She makes me feel. Not like the man I used to be.
She makes me feel like the man I should’ve been—could’ve been—if my life had been different.
Grace is determined. She’s stubborn. She won’t give up on me.
On us.
All I know is I want her.
I like the way she looks at me.
The way she makes me feel, and I’m willing to do whatever I have to—be whoever she needs—in order to keep her.

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8. Giving Grace


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