The Full Circle Series by MJ Masucci (.ePUB)

The Full Circle Series by MJ Masucci (.ePUB)

The Full Circle Series by MJ Masucci (1, 3, 5)
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Overview: MJ Masucci is a romance author of Spark Book 1 of the Heat Series. She lives in Southern New York with her husband and two precocious Siamese cats.
Genre: Romance


1. Broken By Love – Lexi Stanford should’ve known better than to trust her fiancé. Noah isn’t the rock star she thought he was, turns out he’s just another mistake and it changes everything.
When Lexi discovers her new boss is also her ex, it only makes things worse. Now her life is completely unraveling in a most unwelcomed manner.
It doesn’t take long to realize JC is still in love with her…but he’s her past. Or he was. Until the man who was supposed to be her future sent her life in a tailspin with secrets of his own.
As tensions rise and betrayals unfold, Lexi is left questioning who holds her heart from this day forward.

3. Twisted by Love – Chase Pearce didn’t do commitments, his past ruined any chance of that.
But a man has needs – and this man was looking for a temporary arrangement, not a long term attachment.
A relationship is the one thing Megan Stanford can do without, after her last one ended in heartbreak. That is until Chase walks into her life and turns it upside down with an offer she can’t refuse. Friends with benefits.
The infuriating and sexy Chase wants her. As a friend… with benefits. She should’ve said no, because no matter how hard she tries, Megan can’t help herself from falling for Chase. After a whispered confession in the night, he walks away from their agreement… and what could have been.
But he couldn’t stay away forever, not after he sees an announcement that catapults both their lives into danger. In order to protect Megan, he’ll have to admit how he really feels and reveal the secret he’s been keeping.

5. Awakened by Love – After the death of his wife, Lucian Wilton crawled into a cocoon, hiding himself from the world.
Over a year later, he emerges when his best friend, Zane, makes him and offer he can’t refuse.
Upon arriving in Manhattan, Lucian meets Olivia, one of the head programmers at Zane’s company. He’s intrigued, and for the first time since his wife died, his body awakens.
But when Oliva becomes ill, Lucian doesn’t know if his heart can take another loss.

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1,3, 5

5. Awakened by Love


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