The Erotic Bestiary Series by Klara Raškaj (Raskaj) (.ePUB)

The Erotic Bestiary Series by Klara Raškaj (Raskaj) (.ePUB)

The Erotic Bestiary Series by Klara Raškaj (1-4)
Requirements: epub reader, 66 kb 181 kb
Overview: Monster Erotica Author • Soap Connoisseur • Hazelnut Milk Addict • Obsessive Foreshadower • Breaker of Expectations
Genre: Erotic


1. Heart of Sand – What is love to a man who was born and buried with a still heart?
Pharaoh Mesehradabet failed to find love in one life…so, he was given another.
Sarah Khateb, a promising young Egyptology major at Sandersonia University in England, hits the jackpot when the school’s mummy exhibit comes to life one night, and due to the pharaoh’s profound interest in her, Sarah is tasked with serving as his guide while interviewing him about his past.
However, Meseh did not sacrifice his own eye and spend three thousand years as a corpse just so he could return to the world of the living to discuss history and politics. As was promised to him, he met his true love upon his reawakening, and the last thing on his mind is to sit around and chat.

2. Heart of Ice – You may split the ice apart, but only a warm touch can melt a frozen heart.
Krampus spent ten years heartbroken because of her. Now, she will suffer for it.
After many years of slow-burning resentment, the nomadic goat people Khazarassi and the humans have all but broken out into war, and the festivities at the castle are their desperate attempt to keep the peace. Unfortunately, Krampus’s insolent behavior towards Princess Geli is not helping the cause.
She wants to get revenge on him for humiliating her in front of the entire castle, but cannot risk open conflict. If he despises her so much, then love andaffection should be the worst possible punishment for him…shouldn’t it?

3. Heart of Luster – If his heart is a diamond, then its luster is so blinding…it burns.
Moria’s dream came true when his favorite actress fell for him…but so did her worst nightmare.
While working on her latest movie, Justine meets a strange but sweet servant named Moria. However, after sharing a passionate night together, Moria suddenly disappears and quits his job the very next day. Justine finds out from his master that he must have gone back to the place where he was raised and trained.
But what she imagined couldn’t compare to the horrors that lay inside the Brotherhood’s fortress. Will she even stand a chance at saving Moria from that wretched prison? But perhaps the better question is…will there be anyone to save her?

4. Heart of Void – The void inside a heart does not make it empty.
Subject Six-Two-Six’s intelligence is rivaled only by his animal urges…and they just got him a mate.
Maya finds herself imprisoned on a spaceship for the purpose of breeding with a feral yet hyperintelligent alien creature so that she may give birth to his offspring, thus preserving his genetic code that a group of independent scientists so desperately wish to exploit. But their plans go awry when Six-Two-Six manages to escape the confines of his cage and reverts back to his conscious, humanoid state of mind, hungry for revenge.
He decides to spare Maya and make her his broodmaiden on his mission to conquer the galaxy with an army of his brood at his command. The task now falls onto Maya to either escape or make Six-Two-Six change his mind. Whatever she chooses, she needs to do something and do it fast because she only has forty-eight hours before she gives birth to a whole bunch of alien eggs.

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4. Heart of Void


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