The Dragon on the Mountain by Lydia Thorn (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Dragon on the Mountain by Lydia Thorn (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Dragon on the Mountain by Lydia Thorn
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Overview: There hasn’t been a fated mating between Alphas and Omegas for over a thousand years.

Omegas are rare and because of this we lock them away within the massive walls of the Institute and shared amongst the Alpha Dragon Lords. There is no love within these temporary pairings, only the drive to continue the noble bloodline.

Well, I have no interest in any of that.

While other Lords focus on breeding their Omega pets, I spend my days within my palace at the summit of the silver mountains living up to my lustful and depraved reputation with my harem of human betas, the only problem is that I’m becoming impotent and the rumors are spreading fast.

The shamans say the cure to my malaise lies with the Omega I marked when I lost control during my first rut. The chances of this being the first fated mate pairing in a thousand years are high.

To hell with Omegas and to hell with so-called fated mates.

That is until I met him…

The artist whose naughty miniature sculptures captured my attention and revived my waning sex drive.

And he happens to be an Omega from the Institute, an Omega every Alpha has refused because of the mark on his body.

Fated mates aren’t real, right?
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM


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