The Domination Diaries Series (#1-3) by Emma St Giles (.ePUB)+

The Domination Diaries Series (#1-3) by Emma St Giles (.ePUB)+

The Domination Diaries Series (#1-3) by Emma St Giles
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Overview: About Emma St Giles
Emma St Giles is an English born writer of erotic fiction in her early thirties.Good fiction should transport us to the world it creates, sharing in the experiences of the characters. Although her stories and characters are born in her imagination, they are based on her experiences as a nurse, a librarian and a young woman with a lot of sexual curiosity. She is proud that she painstakingly researches each one, accompanying them on their journey before letting them come alive on the page and the imagination.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


First Time Femdom (The Domination Diaries Book 1)
Antigone Driver, very much a white cotton panties kind of girl, is home from college, and she’s bored. After walking nude around her neighbours’ garden, and fantasising about her former childhood friend, Dean, she dresses up as a femdom and sneaks into their house while there’s no one at home.
But just as she is lying on Dean’s bed and pleasuring herself he comes home, and she is caught, wearing nothing but black bra and panties and holding a cane. And then the fun starts . . .

The Flute Teacher And The White Cotton Panties (The Domination Diaries Book 2)
College girl femdom, Antigone Driver, is worried that she is caning her boyfriend too much, so she flashes her panties at the flute teacher from her old school and, before she knows it, she is over his knee being spanked. The tables are turned, and Antigone, dressed in her old school uniform, discovers what it is to be disciplined.
But how can Antigone rediscover the femdom within? Her kid sister, Jacinta, has an idea, and the flute teacher is not going to like it!

The Mystery of the Missing Panties: a story of stolen underwear (The Domination Diaries Book 3)
College girl femdom, Antigone Driver, is sharing a house with three other college students, and someone is stealing Trudy Messenger’s panties from her underwear drawer. Trudy is not happy, and Antigone decides to use her unique talent for sex to uncover the culprit.

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