The Devil’s Syndicate Series by Sarah Bailey (.ePUB)

The Devil’s Syndicate Series by Sarah Bailey (.ePUB)

The Devil’s Syndicate Series by Sarah Bailey (1-3)
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Overview: Born and raised in Sussex, UK near the Ashdown Forest where she grew up climbing trees and building Lego towns with her younger brother. Sarah fell in love with novels when she was a teenager reading her aunt’s historical regency romances. She’s always had a love of the supernatural, avidly devouring paranormal romances and TV shows such as True Blood and Supernatural.


1. Deceived – Four of them. One of me. Who will give in first?
It started when they stole me from my life. The daughter of a crime lord who ruled with an iron fist. The heir to a family of blood and ruin.
They left only a whisper of a name in the air. Il Diavolo. A man whose reputation preceded him. Ruthless. Merciless. Cunning.
The one they called the Devil. He was as beautiful as he was terrifying. Except I wasn’t scared of him or his three friends. They might want to use me in their quest for revenge, but they picked the wrong girl. Or maybe I was the right one and none of us knew it quite yet.
Our connection is undeniable. Our fates are entwined. But loyalty and lies keep us all locked in a battle of wills and denial.
There’s only one thing I know for certain in this fight between the five of us. Secrets always catch up with you in the end. And my secrets were the worst ones of all.

2. Defied – Two become three. Lies, lust and betrayal. Who will fall first?
It started when I chose to remain with them. The ones who took me from my life and changed all the rules.
The chains binding me to my family loosened their hold. Little did I know that by taking me, Quinn and his friends began the long process of setting me free. And even as I got closer to the boys, the past always held us back. Keeping our feelings at bay.
The questions plagued me. Where did my loyalties lie? Who could I trust? And the biggest one of all. Could I really go against everything I knew to be with the four people who kept me captive to use me against my father?
Our secrets brought us closer. Our lies tore us apart. And it became crystal clear that every decision you make in life comes at a price.

3. Derailed – Three mixed with four. The captive became an ally. Who will break first?
It started when they betrayed me. The ones who I’d come to trust. The ones I was starting to love.
My world flipped upside down and nothing is as it seems. Everything was unravelling before my eyes, tearing us apart whilst pulling us closer together.
I’m caught between two worlds. The one I grew up in and the one I’d started to forge with the boys. Everything came to a grinding halt when long hidden secrets came to light. The truth changed the rules and made us realise nothing in life is ever as it seems.
Sometimes the only way out of a situation is through. Never before had been truer when it came to the five of us and our future together.
Did we have a future? Or was everything too much for us to handle? The pieces were starting to fit together, but there’s always something holding us back. My family. My loyalty. My duty. And whether to throw it away or stand and fight by their sides.

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3. Derailed


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