The Darkest Fae by Ana Calin (.ePUB)

The Darkest Fae by Ana Calin (.ePUB)

The Darkest Fae by Ana Calin
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 193 kb
Overview: What’s the last thing a girl expects on a peaceful summer break at the lake house? That she’ll get kidnapped, transported to another realm, and delivered to a warrior fae prince as his FATED MATE.

That’s what happened to little ole’ me, Eve Stone. Only that it’s not love that the breathtakingly handsome fae wants from me. Aradaen Starlight wants to save his kingdom, and for that he needs my virginity. Mating with me will make him invincible, but that will be that. He can’t get serious with me, because he’s bound to further his race with a woman of his kind, not to mention that I, as a human, am way beneath fae royalty. To his courts, it’s a jest of nature that I of all people should be the Starlight prince’s fated mate. But when it turns out that I have magic in my blood, I become interesting to them. The prince and I make an agreement in order to save our worlds, but we cannot fall in love. If we do, both our worlds may fall apart.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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