The CIA Files Series by Kori David (.ePUB)

The CIA Files Series by Kori David (.ePUB)

The CIA Files Series by Kori David (1-2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 343 KB
Overview: I have an eclectic personality that translates into both my reading tastes and writing. I am currently writing Romantic Suspense but that doesn’t mean that at any moment it won’t change to Paranormal Romance or something else. I can’t help it, I love just about every genre out there. I’m a wife and mother and live in the hottest part of the Southwest with a 10 year old Goldfish, a Greek Tortoise, two snooty cats, and an Australian Shepard that herds us all.
Genre: Romance


1. Rescuing Pandora – Pandora Jones is an all-American girl. Serving her country as an ambassador’s Arabic speaking attaché in Iraq, she works hard and travels the world. Until a car bombing kills her employer and leaves her fighting for her life in a country where the customs and traditions treat women radically different. Now, Pandora has information to help bring down a member of ISIS in exchange for passage back home, and the only person who can help her is a ghost from the past.
Cameron “Phantom” Caffee is CIA, an undercover operative stationed in Iraq. His goal—bring down the terrorist organization responsible for destroying his life, and ending his career as an Army Delta Force soldier. When he gets the chance to exchange asylum for valuable intel on ISIS bases, he jumps at the opportunity to finally have his revenge. But when Cam discovers his asset is a woman he thought long dead, the game changes. He joins forces with a deadly Delta Force team to rescue the woman he never stopped loving, and try to get them out of the country before ISIS can destroy them all.

2. Rescuing Rey – Eirena “Rey” Hurn’s quiet, unassuming, and predictable life in Danish, Texas is yanked sideways when the town’s favorite son returns home. Danish has been her safe haven for five years and Rey has enjoyed existing in its background, knowing everyone, while no one really knows her. This man’s homecoming brings an enigmatic past and sparks begin to fly when the two are drawn to each other. Suddenly, Rey cannot remain a wallflower, and with the resurrection of a threat from her own mysterious past, she’s dead-set on making a run for it to keep herself and everyone else safe. Even if it means leaving behind the only man whose been able to melt the ice in her heart.
Grayson “Hawk” Ramsey left Danish, Texas at eighteen for the army and never looked back. When his Delta Force Team was ambushed and left for dead, he didn’t worry he’d be missed back home. Reborn in the shadow world of the CIA, he continued to fight the war on terror, until an injury forced him stateside. With nowhere to go and life changing decisions to make, Gray reluctantly goes home. What he finds is a woman who makes him yearn for something he’s never had, a life of his own. So when her past comes back to haunt her, Gray is ready and willing to lay down his life for the woman he’s come to love.

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