The Carnal Court Series by Devyn Sinclair (.ePUB)

The Carnal Court Series by Devyn Sinclair (.ePUB)

The Carnal Court Series by Devyn Sinclair (1-4)
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Overview: Devyn Sinclair writes steamy Reverse Harem romances for your wildest fantasies. Every sexy story is packed with the right amount heat, hot men, and delicious happy endings. She lives in the wilds of Montana in a small red house and a crazy orange cat.
Genre: Romance


1. Fevered– I was left for dead and they saved me. Four gorgeous men who’ve vowed to keep me safe. Now their carnal magic is keeping me alive.
Kari was a rising ballet star until a blown-out knee ensures she’ll never dance again, and she’s forced to rely on something she never expected—magic. She might be more used to pirouettes than potions, but she’s learning to love her new shop, her customers, and handsome New York cop Kent.
But using magic is dangerous. Kari is attacked and left to die—a curse devouring what’s left of her. Until three gorgeous Fae appear, swearing to keep her alive even as their touch leaves her breathless and wanting.
Kari’s best chance for survival is in the Fae realm, but she might not make it. Her only choice to keep the curse at bay is the carnal magic of her Fae saviors. It flows from physical pleasure—something Kari desperately wants and they’re more than willing to provide. Their touch washes away the pain, and Kari finds herself surrendering to the bond that’s pulling them closer together.
Brae, Verys, Aeric, and Kent won’t leave her side until she’s healed, but leaving the human world didn’t mean leaving Kari’s mysterious enemies behind. They swore to keep Kari safe, but will their touch be enough to save her, and will their strength be enough to protect her from the enemy who hunts her across realms?

2. Euphoria – I barely survived a curse, but my attacker still wants me dead. Now I must learn to wield my power before it is too late.
Kari Taylor barely survived the curse that was killing her. Damaged from the attacks on her life, she’s recovering in the fae realm, her five protectors by her side. Her lovers. Her mates. This new life is something she never dreamed was possible.
But danger stalks her still. The fae who cursed Kari still wants her magic, and will not stop until she gets it. As the invisible threat grows closer, Kari must learn trust herself and her companions. The clock is ticking, and they all must act quickly to survive.
Now gifted with a power that she doesn’t understand and cannot control, Kari is thrust into an unfamiliar world. Kari must learn to wield new, potent magic to protect herself and those the men she loves, before it is too late.

3. Shameless– I contain the power of a goddess, but will it be enough to protect those I love?
Kari Taylor is being haunted. After choosing to remain in Faery, Kari is settling into the life she’s chosen with her mates. The connection to these men is deeper than she ever imagined, and each day she falls a little more in love. But dreams of the mate beyond her reach make her ache with pleasure, pain, and the longing to save him.
Even hidden behind walls of magic, Kari is not safe from the enemies who still hunt her. The power gifted to her by the goddess is a gift and a curse—giving Kari the ability to protect those she loves, and drawing the attention of those who want the magic for themselves. And will do anything to get it.
Now someone has been taken by those same enemies. Someone that Kari is not willing to lose. Darkness is stirring in the heart of Faery, and Kari is being drawn toward it’s center. In order to survive, she must face a choice: sacrifice the goddess’s gift or lose someone she loves.

4. Breathless – The fate of faery is in my hands, if it doesn’t kill me first.
Kari Taylor barely managed to save her best friend from a brutal death at the hands of her enemies. Though they escaped unharmed, they were not unscathed. Her captive mate is still bound to her tormentor, and the fate of all faery rests on Kari’s shoulders.
But the past has come back to haunt them. Kari’s human lover has been accused of crimes against the fae, and those charging him are hell-bent on making him suffer. The fae have long memories, and remorse matters little to them. Especially when it’s only the life of one fragile, insignificant human. Revenge will do just fine.
Danger closing in from every direction, there is only one choice: petition the goddess of faery to save Kent’s life, even if he might die in the process. With the heart of faery crumbling and her lover’s life hanging in the balance, Kari must decide whether to gamble on faith, or face the darkness that’s determined to take her life.

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4. Breathless


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