The Brothers of Thatcher Ranch Series by April Murdock (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Brothers of Thatcher Ranch Series by April Murdock (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Brothers of Thatcher Ranch Series by April Murdock (2-4)
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Overview:April Murdock loves romance, especially sweet stories that make you sigh out loud. She loves to write stories inspired by people in her life – past and present. Okay, so truthfully, she’s never known a billionaire or anyone from royal bloodlines, but taking reality and pumping it up a bit is what makes it fun!
Genre: Romance


2. The Cowboy’s City Girl – Their first meeting should have been an enchanting moment. A moment that would always spark fond memories. So why was it ordinary? Could that change how far things could go?
Chance Thackston is making his way on the rodeo circuit. He’s a well known citizen of Sagebrush, Texas and he makes the most of it when necessary. He recently lost his title but gained a stronger relationship with his youngest brother, Logan. Chase is at something of a crossroads. He sees his siblings moving on in various directions and wonders about his place in the world. Despite these concerns, he can still turn on his charm and brashness in equal measures… especially when he encounters a pretty young woman on the streets of Sagebrush.
Kate Benson is a successful event planner. She’s a honey-haired beauty with brown eyes. Based primarily out of Washington, D.C., she’s established herself as “the go-to girl” when a client has an upcoming special occasion. A moment of this sort brings her to Sagebrush, but her initial arrival is far from easy. Meeting Chance starts to alter the course of her journey, and she quickly finds herself drawn to him. But even as Chance seems to reciprocate these feelings, Kate’s true identity followed by her current client’s true intentions threatens to pull the pair apart.
As Logan and Frankie’s wedding plans are coming together, Kate comes face to face with her past. Frankie and Kate have met before and they’re definitely not friends. Sharp words are exchanged and it appears that Kate’s credibility is on the line. She’s angry and mortified.
Chase feels as if he was played. When he turns away, Kate ignores Frankie’s continued accusations and finally catchers up with the older twin. Trying to take his hands, she tells him that Frankie’s confession doesn’t erase the fact that she enjoys his company and isn’t willing to give him up. She admits she had no idea what she was getting into in Sagebrush, hence her annoyance when they first met. The job seemed like an afterthought once she met Chance. She insists that she was already having deep feelings for him. She thought that he understood, but now she sees his true colors.
After their recover from a confrontational meeting and start finding how they are perfect together, all trust is lost. One unfortunate event blew their chance for love out of the water.
Is there a remote chance that barriers can be brought down and that Chance and Kate can actually talk things out? Is there something they’re missing that can help them reconnect and pick up the relationship that was budding?

3. The Cowboy’s Troublemaker – They joined forces to destroy a relationship, not start one of their own …
Rodeo cowboy Chase Thatcher knows his mother deserves to have romance in her life. Just not now. Not so soon after his father’s death. Plus, the man she met while traveling just seems…shady. So it only makes sense to hire an investigator and dig up whatever dirt he can on the guy. What he never expected to find, however, was the man’s fiery and entirely too beautiful daughter. . .
Renata Ricci isn’t exactly thrilled with her estranged father’s new love affair, either. The last thing she needs is some gold-digger stealing her family’s money. She’ll put an end to this nonsense if it’s the last thing she ever does. If only she could focus and keep her mind off the fiercely loyal and distractingly handsome Chase. . .
It’s not long before Chase and Renata realize there’s more between them than they ever would’ve thought possible. But can they overcome the secrets and lies their relationship was built on to find their way to happily ever after? Or are they destined to go their separate ways?

4. The Cowboy’s Second Chance – A fresh start can sweep an unpleasant past away. Unless the past refuses to be forgotten…
Secretly carrying a torch for the woman of his dreams, Garrett Thatcher believes he’s done the right thing. His brothers are happily paired and his mother has returned home. He’s been instrumental in smoothing the discord his family had endured. Now it’s his turn to settle down to make a life for himself.
Meredith Young has put her heart into her job as the local doctor in Sagebrush. She’s sacrificed her happiness long enough and now it’s time to start thinking about a husband. And maybe some kids. Time moves slowly in Sagebrush, Texas, and even slower over at the Blessed Ridge Ranch. Too slow for Meredith to wait for what she really wants.
Sensing that the moment is finally right, Garret pours his heart out to her. To his surprise, Meredith has chosen someone else over him. Normally stoic, he grapples with anger and betrayal as he faces the prospect of losing her.
Garrett’s reaction initially puts her on the defensive, and Meredith keeps looking for ways to justify her choice to move away with her new love. As it gets harder to ignore the signs that her destiny might lie back in Sagebrush, she struggles with how to go back in time… or if that’s even possible.
After so much water has rushed under the bridge, can the two who are meant to be together make a new start?

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4. The Cowboy’s Second Chance


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