The Bimbo Machine by Valentina DiMarco (.ePUB)+

The Bimbo Machine by Valentina DiMarco (.ePUB)+

The Bimbo Machine by Valentina DiMarco
Requirements: .ePUB, .PDF reader, 1,4 MB
Overview: When a new spa opens in Cassie’s town, she’s excited to treat herself to a day of relaxation. After all, it’s her birthday. But once she gets there, she realizes that this spa isn’t normal, and the “special treatment” its handsome owner, Paul, offers is a full-blown bimbo transformation. As Cassie watches the patented “Bimbo Machine” transform ordinary young women into busty, ditzy nymphomaniacs, she anxiously waits for her turn to arrive. When Cassie finally enters the machine, her body and life are changed forever. She emerges with a voluptuous, sexy body and immediately seeks the physical release she craves. Luckily, Paul is more than ready to accommodate her needs.

But Cassie still isn’t satisfied with her body. She wants to be even hotter, so she sneaks into the Bimbo Machine for a second transformation. And when she emerges, there are two hot men waiting for her, ready and willing to use her new body for their pleasure…
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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