The Billionaire Club Series by Johanna Evelyn (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Billionaire Club Series by Johanna Evelyn (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Billionaire Club Series by Johanna Evelyn (4-6)
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Overview:Johanna Evelyn graduated from the school of hard knocks with a degree in, I survived my twenty’s. She loves all things rocks, the ocean, singing, reading, gardening, food, finding cures for rare incurable diseases (through raising awareness, Go PSC!), and writing.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


4. The Billionaire’s Predicament – She chose the wrong job, he won’t let her forget about it. Can they come together for the sake of the ocean’s coral?
Erin, one of the country’s lead coral specialists, fly’s to Florida to make a decision. She must choose to follow her boyfriend to Colorado in support of his career or take her dream job across the country away from him.
When a helpful aquarium employee encourages her to follow her heart, she realizes her heart has always been in the ocean.
Devastated her boyfriend won’t support her dreams, she takes the once in a lifetime offer, only to find out that perhaps she made the wrong choice. She quickly learns she has some competition in the form of the helpful aquarium worker. The only problem is, he’s not only trying to coax her away from her dreams, he’s also trying to steal her heart.
Blake never imagined when he gave a distraught woman some friendly advice, the decision she was trying to make would destroy his plans. He has a once in a lifetime opportunity to research coral on a special island only a handful of people have been allowed to visit. And it will only happen if she’s on the team.
When he learns he got the go-ahead from the government, he’s forced to pull a few strings to get her to join him on his trip. But with it comes a price, and he’s afraid the cost will be his heart.
Can he convince her to go, or will her heart stay with the one she left behind?

5. The Billionaire’s Gift – He’s never let a woman into his heart, she’s met the man of her dreams at the worst possible moment. Can they both put their trust in God’s timing?
Joshua Banks has never been on a second date in his life. The examples he grew up with cause him to close his heart to anything resembling a relationship. But when his meddling coworker invites a woman from her church to accompany him to a ball, he finds himself wanting more from the forced upon him blind date. All his plans go out the window when she gives him an unexpected kiss. When she tells him her reasons, she leaves more questions than answers.
He throws caution to the wind in order to untangle her secrets, only to find she’s what he needed to rebuild his faith in humanity.
Kara Bell only agreed to go out with a stranger as one last act of service. She doesn’t expect the undeniable connection they share. Knowing a relationship between them isn’t possible, she does something out of her character in order to prove not all women are the same. She never expected the stolen kiss would give her a hope she thought had died long ago. Now she’s racing the clock to mend his broken spirit, but she’s afraid her attempt to bring him happiness will do the opposite. She must push past her doubt in order to do the impossible.
Can she accomplish her goals before God calls her home?

6. The Billionaire’s Commitment – Money may save her life, but it can’t promise love.
Living in New York was too expensive, so when the medical bills pile up Ensley Morgan lets the dartboard choose where she’s going to live next. When fate chooses Texas she doesn’t look back, until a handsome doctor weasels into her life—and her heart. But falling for her doctor comes with a price she’s not willing to pay.
Peter Bridgeport has dealt with many stubborn patients, but never one so uncompromising as Ensley. Her life hangs on her last treatment option, but she refuses treatment because of the cost. He’s never crossed patient boundaries until the determined redhead came into his life. Now he’s paying for her treatment anonymously and bumping into her out of the clinic.
When he saves her from more than her illness, their chemistry ignites. He realizes it’s time for her to see a new doctor. Only she finds out about his lies and wants nothing to do with him.
Now he needs to convince her to stay before a dart takes her out of his life as quickly as it brought her in it.

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6. The Billionaire’s Commitment


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