Thawing the Ice Queen Romance Box Set by A.E. Radley (.ePUB)

Thawing the Ice Queen Romance Box Set by A.E. Radley (.ePUB)

Thawing the Ice Queen, Lesbian Boss, Enemies to Lovers Romance Box Set by A.E. Radley
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Overview: Are you a fan of slowly thawing ice queens and slow-burn enemies to lovers relationships? Then this box set is for you!

This box set includes two full-length novels totalling over 570 pages of sapphic romance and over 90+ five-star reviews.
Genre: Fiction > Romance FF


The Road Ahead
Two women from very different backgrounds. Forced to share a long journey home. Will they work together or pull each other apart?
Rebecca is stuck in Portugal. All planes to England are grounded and it’s only two days until Christmas.
Desperate to get home but without money to hire a car; she’s stuck. She sees an opportunity when she meets a snobby businesswoman with a broken leg, a platinum credit card, and a desire to get home. A tentative agreement is struck in order to reach their destination before the festive deadline. Will they make it, or will they kill each other along the way?
A heartwarming enemies to lovers romance with a twist. Discover The Road Ahead and make your own journey home today.

Going Up
A ruthless executive. A destitute woman. Both on the way up.
Selina Hale is on her way to the top. She’s been working towards a boardroom position on the thirteenth floor for her entire career. And no one is going to get in her way. Not her clueless boss, her soon to be ex-wife, and most certainly not the homeless person who has moved into the car park at work.
Kate Morgan fell through the cracks in a broken support system and found herself destitute. Determined and strong-willed, she’s not about to accept help from a mean business woman who can’t even remember the names of her own nephews.
As their lives continue to intertwine, they have no choice but to work together and follow each other on their journey up.

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