Texas Kings MC Series by Cee Bowerman (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Texas Kings MC Series by Cee Bowerman (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Texas Kings MC Series by Cee Bowerman (2-10)
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Overview: Cee Bowerman writes romance novels with a hint of suspense and plenty of sarcasm.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


2. Sonny – Brenda has tried to go on with her life after Sonny told her he never wanted to see her again. She has dated, disastrously, and become even closer to her group of lifelong friends. Without any help from the love of her life, she has a thriving business, an active social life and a beautiful home of her own. But, she’s missing something. Him.
Sonny made mistakes and is now serving his penance to make up for them. Knowing it would be years before he could touch her again, he made a decision to let Brenda go. He broke her heart, even though he convinced himself it was for her own good. Now, he has an opportunity to get his life back. Can he convince Brenda to give him a second chance?

3. Bird– Bird Forrester has never been one to want a wife and children. When his close friends and family find love, and start families of their own, he realizes that there is something missing in his life. A chance meeting with a beautiful woman, and an unexpected surprise from his past, make him believe that destiny has other ideas for him.
Summer Preston is a working Mom with three young boys. Since her husband’s death she has focused on her boys and building a life as a single mother. When she meets a man in a bar, she takes a chance and follows him. Not one to believe in destiny, she sees that maybe it’s working real and working to change her life. Can she give up her orderly life on a whim, risking her heart for a man she just met?

4. Grunt – After losing his family years ago, Grunt was content with his memories and the brotherhood he found in his club. After a near death experience, he realizes that it’s time to move on with his life and let the past go. Just days after that decision, his life changed for the better – drastically.
Shannon has had her share of heartbreak while raising her children, but she’s convinced that destiny will bring her a partner. She needs a man who can make her laugh, love her and her children, and stick around through the good times and the bad.
A chance meeting introduces Shannon and Grunt, and the sparks fly. Both of them fight it, but in the end they realize that they are better together than they ever were apart.

5. LOUT – After a lifetime of taking care of everyone around him, Lout prepares to take on even more responsibility. A chance meeting at a friend’s house introduces him to a beautiful woman he can’t get off his mind. He wants her, but can she handle all the problems and responsibilities that come with being a part of his life?
Experience has shown Willow that there are very few people who will stick around for the long haul. The only ones that she can rely on are her family, and even a few of those have gone away forever. When she meets Lout, she sees a side of him that no one has noticed before. She sees a man who never had many reasons to laugh, had a horrible childhood and the responsibility of raising his siblings. Willow wants to be the reason he smiles. Forever.
Circumstances force Lout and Willow to lean on each other and become a team quicker than either of them imagined it would happen. Life is an adventure, but will they make it through together?

6. Smokey – Smokey Forrester was drowning when it came to being a single Dad. Dealing with the murder of his wife, and helping his two sons get past the trauma of watching it happen, is almost too much for him. Add in the laundry, cleaning the house, balanced meals and keeping his kids bathed and presentable, and even Smokey realizes that maybe he’s not juggling it all very well.
Martha is running from the violence of her marriage, and she has her two sons with her. Not only does she need to be a strong Mom for them, but she also needs to make money and find a home to raise them in. What she isn’t looking for is another entanglement.
When Smokey and Martha meet, neither has any idea that they are the answer to the other person’s dreams. In their years together, they become each other’s safe haven, comfort zone and trusted confidant. The relationship between Smokey and Martha is one that their kids and others around them aspire to.
But most of those people don’t realize the dark times that the family went through together, the traumatic event that they all survived together and the secret that they have kept hidden for all these years.
Get to know the Forrester brothers when they were young, and watch them grow up through Martha and Smokey’s memories as the couple prepares to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

7. Tucker – After a hard childhood and a long stint in prison for his mistakes, Tucker Martin is learning how to live a new life, surrounded by his new brothers in The Texas Kings MC. Life has taught him quite a few lessons though, and one of those lessons is to never show weakness. As much as he wants to belong, he can’t do that until he bares it all to his new brothers in the club. As hard as it is for him, he has to know that they will be there at his back, supporting him through it all.
Drea Dawson grew up around both the Texas Knights MC and the Texas Kings MC, and is considered family to the brothers in both clubs. Her smart mouth and fierce loyalty are appreciated by her friends, and through the years they have helped her deal with the problems she has in her family life.
When Tucker and Drea get together, they have to learn to trust themselves at the same time they are learning to trust each other. Through highs and lows, and shocking revelations, Tucker and Drea find out that they are stronger side by side than they ever were apart.

8. Kale & Terra – Kale and Terra had a whirlwind love story and now they are preparing for parenthood. Surrounded by family and friends, and having hit a few speed bumps on the way to their happily ever after, the two of them are excited to meet their baby. As with all pregnancies, it’s a roller coaster ride until the very end.
Join them for a few days as one of our favorite couples brings their first child into the world.

9. John & Mattie – John and Mattie have been best friends for years, and share everything…including women. The two disagree on what kind of woman they might find to keep forever and have both given up until a woman on a mission steps into their path. They’ll have to get through more obstacles than a normal couple might, especially since bullets are flying around them.
Maria is on a mission to leave her old life behind, but falling in love with two men is not what she imagined her future to hold. Is this a life she can accept or will all of the hurdles they make it through be for nothing?

10. Bear – Bear is the silent brother in the Texas Kings MC. After a life spent mostly alone, he never imagined he would ever find someone who could fit into his life, or might possibly even want to. A chance meeting with a beautiful woman changes everything. He’ll put himself in front of a bullet for her, but will she be able to live in his world?
Autumn has had the world in her pocket for her entire life. As a child star, and the daughter of a wealthy businessman, most people envy her and wish that they could trade places. What they don’t see is the solitary life of the ‘poor little rich girl’ and how much she wants a love and family of her own.
When the bullets start flying, Bear doubts that Autumn will stay by his side. Autumn on the other hand can’t imagine being anywhere else.

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