Temptress to the Gods Box Set #1-4 by Rachel Kinsley (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Temptress to the Gods Box Set #1-4 by Rachel Kinsley (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Temptress to the Gods Box Set #1-4 by Rachel Kinsley
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Overview: Khamai, mistress to the gods of Olympus, has proven her worth and become a goddess herself. As she continues to please her immortal lovers in new and tantalizing ways, she realizes she now has duties to mortals as well. And with a terrible war brewing between the city-states of Greece, she discovers her task to intervene in the mortal world is more daunting than she thought.

On Earth, Phaidra of Sparta was raised to crave only one thing—battle. But when a horrific premonition of a world-ending war is sent by a mysterious power, she knows she needs divine aid. A goddess she has never heard of, Khamaileon, answers her prayers.

Phaidra soon learns that one way to entice men to lay down their swords is to lie in bed with them instead. Will love and pleasure overcome the soldiers’ lust for war? Will the joint efforts of Khamai of Athens and Phaidra of Sparta save all of Greece from destruction?

This Temptress to the Gods four-story set includes the first four installments of the ongoing serialized novel, and is a direct sequel of Mistress to the Gods.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic Paranormal, Fantasy


Stories included in this set:

The Soldier’s Kiss
As the journey begins with this first tale, Khamai enjoys pleasurable time with Hermes, while Phaidra reunites with an old flame–the strong and compelling Spartan captain, Brasidas.

The Games of Royalty
Princes and kings are used to getting what they want—including the women of their deepest fantasies. As Khamai and Phaidra continue their journey to end a war, they each seek favors from royalty. Phaidra must convince Prince Agis of Sparta to allow her to venture to Athens, while Khamai seeks help from almighty Zeus.

Hedonistic Delights
When Khamai and Phaidra need help infiltrating the city of Athens, two deviant, lustful men decide to offer their assistance. Dionysus, god of wild ecstasy, pours pleasure into Khamai before giving her mischievous advice. Meanwhile, a student of philosophy, Alcibiades, offers to introduce Phaidra to an important Athenian leader in exchange for a naughty, hedonistic act—one that Phaidra never thought she would experience.

The Master of the Underworld
Khamai returns to the Underworld to assuage Hades’ loneliness through intimate pleasure, while Phaidra grows closer to Thucydides in Athens. But when disaster strikes in the mortal realm, Khamai discovers that the God of the Dead may still harbor his old, selfish ways—and a single decision from Hades could change the entire course of the mortals’ war.

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