Tamed & Trained Series by R. Phoenix, M.A. Innes (.ePUB)

Tamed & Trained Series by R. Phoenix, M.A. Innes (.ePUB)

Tamed & Trained Series by R. Phoenix, M.A. Innes (Books #1-2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 293 kB
Overview: This peek into the Fate of the Fallen / Status Quo world is a standalone out of the timeline of both series.
Please note that this world has little place for humanity, and as a result, content in these works may contain graphic scenes of depravity, cruelty, and violence — sexual or otherwise — that could be offensive and potentially triggering to some readers.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic MM


Come Puppy (Tamed & Trained #1)
In a dark world where humans are little more than fodder for vampires, Caleb is looking for a break… even if that break means he has to become Liam’s plaything. As soon as he gives up his freedom, his training begins, and he soon learns that obedience and pleasure go hand in hand in his new life as Liam’s puppy.

Heel Alpha (Tamed & Trained #2)
Zain was just a dog walker. It was an unconventional job for a werewolf, even a brand new one, but he liked dogs and they liked him. It only seemed to make sense… right up until the point a vampire called him in to take care of his human pup. When his life collided with Liam and Caleb’s, none of them were prepared for the directions it could take.
Especially Zain.
But between the sexy pup and the vampire’s creativity, the power struggles pitting dominance against submission — and acceptance — the two might be too intriguing to just walk away from…

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