Tales of Vampires Series by Zara Novak (.ePUB)

Tales of Vampires Series by Zara Novak (.ePUB)

Tales of Vampires Series by Zara Novak (1-3, 5-8 )
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.8 MB
Overview: My name is Zara Novak and I love writing about all aspects of vampire lore and the worlds they live in. If you enjoy the paranormal as much as I do, strap in and get ready for the ride.
Genre: Paranormal Romance


1. The Vampire’s Slave – It was late when Claire first heard the knock on her door – too late. Upon opening it she is met with a mysterious and beautiful stranger, who claims to have just moved in across the hall. She makes the mistake of inviting him in – not realizing that her life has just changed forever.
Claire quickly learns the man she has invited in is no man at all. He’s Eric Belmont – heir to one of the most powerful vampire families in the world, and a highly sought after bachelor.
Eric’s appearance at Claire’s door is no mistake. He’s been watching Claire for some time, waiting for her to reach her Red Moon. Claire may think she’s just a normal human, but she’s in possession of a rare and extraordinary power – she can breed with vampires.
Eric takes possession of Claire and escorts her back to the Belmont family castle. Here he begins the long and tantalizing torture of the human vampire mating ritual. It will be some time until Claire’s body is completely ready for him, and during that time Eric has to do everything he can to keep her safe from other vampires within the castle.
Little do they both realize, they are just a small piece of a much bigger story…

2. The Vampire’s Prisoner – Kat had always believed in vampires, and one night her search for truth brought her to a dark and mysterious bar on the edge of town. She soon realizes she’s made a grave mistake, and runs for her life, only to fall into the arms of a dark and mysterious stranger.
Kat is bewitched by the man’s strange beauty and mysterious ways, but what she doesn’t realize, is that he’s an outlaw vampire on the run, being hunted by a dark and powerful force…
Ansel Draco is a vampire out for revenge. Hunted and kept as a prisoner by his own makers, Ansel managed to defy death at the last minute and break free. Now he’s out and running for his life, waiting for the perfect moment to get back at the dark society ruling the world of vampires.
That’s when he runs into Kat, and everything in his life is turned upside down. Ansel quickly realizes that there is something different about Kat, and then, she’s swept into his outlaw world, forced into running for her life right alongside him. Kat has a precious gift, and he’ll protect it with his life if he has to. Now he has her in his arms, he’s not letting go.
Fate works in mysterious ways, but their story is just part of something even bigger…

3. The Vampire’s Mate
– A war is rising in the vampire world, and a new enemy emerges from the darkness, threatening to wipe vampires from the earth forever. All Kat can do is try to survive, but she already made the most crucial mistake: she fell in love with a vampire, and now it could cost her life.
Ansel and Kat are summoned to help the Belmont vampires with the troubles that plague their family. A new breed of vampire hunters have risen, and the dark magic possessing them poses a serious threat to the vampires around the Castle Belmont. As the groups come together, new friendships and relationships are formed, and love and romance blossom in the strangest places. The vampires need to secure the prophecy to save their kind, but new enemies appear at every turn, threatening to end them once and for all.
Kat’s sister, Ruth, finds herself trapped in the Red Keep and her mind is only focused on one thing: escape. She forms a friendship with a fellow runaway and soon finds that there is more to the mysterious man than she first realized. A strange power lurks behind his curious yellow eyes, which stirs up unusual emotions inside of her.
Love and lust spiral out of control as alpha vampires fight to protect their destined mates, and the fate of the next generation is left hanging in the balance…

5. The Vampire’s Servant – Jess’s scarred back hides her greatest secret: she is the next daughter in the prophecy. She’s terrified of her impending fate and flees the safety of Castle Belmont to finish her scientific research. Jess is determined to outrun her destiny, but she forgot about one thing: A vampire named Eli York.
Hunters killed his brother. Shifters destroyed his family castle. Jess Chaplin is the only thing Eli has left in this world and he’s not letting her go without a fight. The dark vampire has protected the red headed human all her life, but the threads of fate are twining now, and he can’t ignore the woman she has become. Together they journey across the valley and uncover a secret that has been hidden for twenty years, while trying to resist the insatiable attraction that now burns between them. Vampirism corrupts. Innocence withers. There’s no way it could ever work… is there?
War has finally arrived in the valley and Belmont Castle is about to fall for the first time in a thousand years. The High Vistor has brought an army to destroy the Belmont family and end the prophecy once and for all. If he succeeds, then all vampires will perish.
Will evil triumph over good?
Will the mates succeed with the prophecy?
Is something even greater afoot?
There’s only one way to find out.

6. The Vampire’s Fate – Ivy Morgan has spent her entire life keeping her mysterious magical abilities secret. Now she wants to find out what she is and where she comes from. Traveling north to follow a rumor, she finds her life in the balance of dark entities infesting the forest. Death is imminent, until a mysterious savior with bright red eyes appears from the shadows.
Christian Howell is a powerful vampire, driven only by the desire to carry out his work as a demon hunter. Determined to keep the town safe, he has neglected the search for his mate, but when fate brings a mysterious girl named Ivy into his life, he can’t help but take notice. She’s beautiful, feisty, and unlike any girl he’s ever seen before. Temptation beats deep. Can he resist his inner darkness?
Thanks to a new threat the forest has never been more dangerous, and as luck would have it, Ivy is the only person that can help Christian fight back against the forces of darkness. Fate forces the duo together in mysterious ways, and before they know it, they are trapped in a white-knuckle adventure to destroy evil, all while they reconcile their own feelings for one another.
Christian has destroyed many powerful enemies, but now the vampire is pitted against the tiny human that is his mate, he suddenly finds he is out of his depth. Can the pair survive against the forces of evil long enough to secure their own fates?
Only time will tell.

7. The Vampire Dream– The first thing April noticed when she came to was the chain around her ankle. Then she heard the other girls screaming. How had they got there? What was happening?
When the platform ascends, she finds herself in the middle of a floodlit forest, and on the horizon hundreds of shirtless men with glowing red eyes linger in the shadows. A siren breaks through the night, and the hordes of men flock forward with impossible speed.
Vampires are real, and one hundred deranged prisoners charge through the night to claim a girl. In the chaos April at best can only pray for a quick death, but in the sea of violent insanity one pair of red eyes shine differently from the rest. He’s tall, well-built, incredibly handsome and absolutely terrifying.
Her heart quickens, her skin prickles with lightning. Who is her savior?
Bane has been a prisoner far too long. He and his fellow prisoners are released once a month for recreation to indulge their primal vampire needs. Bane loathes the violent chaos, but when his sick captors offer freedom in exchange for his life Bane suddenly finds he has to fight to survive. One hundred sanity-starved vampires are now after his neck, but that’s not even the worst part:
Bane just realized his mate is here too.
She’s drop-dead gorgeous, curvy, has an attitude to beat, and is a spoiled-princess with brains. Damn. Bane might just have to fight for this one.
Good thing he knows how to survive out in the open.
When destiny forces the unlikely couple together, they are pushed on a whirlwind adventure, running from a dangerous company and stumbling headfirst into the thralls of a vampire prophecy. Evil lurks on every corner, nowhere is safe.
Will the couple live long enough to tell one another how they really feel?

8. The Vampire’s Shadow – Faith is a woman on a mission. That mission? To track down the lost tomb of the ancient warrior, Zaius the Great. Her research leads her to the abandoned city of Devil’s Ridge, where she risks certain death to uncover the truth, but ends up uncovering something far more shocking: Vampires aren’t real—are they?
One thousand years ago Zai was imprisoned in a tomb over an ancient gateway, tasked with acting as the gatekeeper; his punishment for nearly ending the earth. After a century of slumber, the ancient spells holding him have broken. Someone is coming to kill him and open the gate, but there’s also someone else… a small and curvy brunette. Feisty, but sexy as hell.
Faith quickly learns that Zai isn’t a regular man, he’s a vampire, an arrogant, powerful and sexy one at that. To make matters worse the mountain of muscle breaks from his tomb wearing nothing but his birthday suit, right before snatching her from the jaws of a violent and brutal death.
Together the pair are thrust into an explosive and passionate race as they run for their life. Zai’s arch nemesis, a demented vampire by the name of Violent Jack, has also returned after a millennium of slumber, and he’s brought his infinite army of chaos demons. It doesn’t help when Zai realizes this girl is different. She’s not just a human, she has strange magic, magic that she has clearly been hiding her whole life.
Oh, and she’s also his soulmate. Great.
With no choice but to band together, Zai and Faith flee into the abandoned city and soon find themselves tangled in a violent world of fire where the only comfort is each other. As the forces of darkness close in all sides they have to fight to survive, all while trying to resist the blazing lust they feel for one another.

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