Tales of Grimm Hollow by LeAnn Mason (.ePUB)

Tales of Grimm Hollow by LeAnn Mason (.ePUB)

Tales of Grimm Hollow by LeAnn Mason (1-2)
Requirements: epub reader, 528 kb
Overview: LeAnn Mason is an author of YA/NA Urban Science Fantasy with Crime elements, her debut novel Illusionary released March 23, 2018 with its follow up releasing September 14, 2018.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. Scarlet Huntress – The woods have always housed my nightmares.
It’s where my grandmother was torn apart by wolves. Where, for years, I was held captive by evil shape-shifting witches. I thought it was for my Shaman abilities. I was wrong.
But their ritual failed. Instead of dying, I survived, while another’s blood stained the forest floor.
In my escape, I discovered Grimm Hollow—a place deep in the forest in which I hoped to hide. The secret town teems with magic and a Shifter who wants to help me hone my skills. But the big, bad witchy-wolf is hot on my scarlet tail, and he won’t hesitate to destroy everyone and everything to get me back—or kill me.
Hiding is no longer an option. Instead, I must become the hunter.
Bring on the big, bad wolf.

2. Golden Beauty – It took one man, one day to shatter my life.
Parents murdered. Home burnt to the ground. Kidnapped by an honest-to-God Warlock. My introduction to the magical world took everything from me, leaving me reeling.
Being branded as a murder suspect makes life outside of my supernatural refuge impossible… unless it’s in a prison cell.
When Shifter royalty approaches me to help her son and heir claim his birthright, I jump at the chance to have a purpose beyond escape. Not that I have a choice. At least the scenery won’t be dull. Rory Leone is as gorgeous as he is volatile.
I’m supposed to tame the beast so he can rule, but
being a human entangled with the royals of Grimm Hollow puts a target on my back. When Rory shows he’ll protect me, every female with an eye on the throne sets their sights on me. Their goal: take me out.
It’ll take everything I have to stay alive but I can’t let them break me.
As Allya would say: Bring it.

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