Sweet Springs Ranch Series by Bee Brooks (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Sweet Springs Ranch Series by Bee Brooks (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Sweet Springs Ranch Series by Bee Brooks (1-3)
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Overview: Bee Brooks lives in upstate New York with her husband, kids, and a bunch of bunnies. She has a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior and researched marine iguanas in the Galapagos and honey bees in Arizona before she decided to follow her lifelong passion for writing.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. A Cowboy’s Best Friend – A cowboy about to inherit the ranch, the woman who is his best friend, and the request that could cost their friendship
Kay worked hard to build her acting career, but she’s not had to kiss anyone on the job yet. Now that she’s landed her breakout role as the love interest in a Western, she needs to learn how to overcome her nerves. Luckily, her best friend’s a cowboy – he can help her get into character.
For cowboy Eldon, the work never ends as he takes care of his ranch, his aging grandparents, and his siblings. It’s hard, but he handles it all – until his best friend makes a sweet request. She wants him to pretend he loves her – and that might just be enough to finally bring this cowboy to his knees.
They know each other too well to pretend it’s not happening.

2. A Cowboy’s Beautiful Enemy – A cowboy with a broken heart, a woman in trouble, and a second chance for two enemies in love.
Lane Larsen, determined never to marry and denied his inheritance, has only one dream left: buy the abandoned Fulcher Ranch and turn it into a horse farm. He’s secretly fixed up the stables over the years – but it looks like he’ll finally have the money to buy the property. Not a moment too soon since he’s got a trailer full of valuable racehorses coming his way.
Maxine just returned to Sweet Springs and already her list of problems is a mile long. Her sister’s sick, her little niece gets bullied, an old enemy is stalking her – and worst of all, there’s nowhere to stay but Lane’s house. She can’t stand her former flame since he sold her out, but she won’t let him keep her from her family. When she’s able to snap up an old ranch on the cheap, things seem to look up – there’s even a stable for her pony.
When Lane and Maxine find they need each other, reality soon strips the layers of anger and uncovers a flame waiting to be rekindled. If Lane and Maxine only dared to trust their feelings, their future could hold the love and happiness they deserve.

3. A Cowboy’s Fake Wife – He can’t trust himself. She’s got a secret. Love is a liability, so why not fake it?
Merle Larsen needs a wife to inherit his ranch. Love’s not his thing – he’s messed up before. But the cute waitress from the local diner looks like she’d be a great roommate. In exchange for a signature on the certificate, he’ll take good care of her.
Luella knows exchanging glances with the handsome cowboy at table four put stars in her head – pretty, but way off. He’s from a powerful local family, she’s a no-name wanderer with a shocking past. Lu struggled for her independence and her room over the laundromat, and she’s not about to risk them without a cause.
When Merle asks Lu to be his fake wife, she has her own reasons to accept his offer. But a decade-old mystery comes full circle, and it’s time for Lu and Merle to get real. Can their hearts untangle what’s false and what’s true about their marriage?

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3. A Cowboy’s Fake Wife


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