Sweet Shop Mysteries by Wendy Meadows (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Sweet Shop Mysteries by Wendy Meadows (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Sweet Shop Mysteries by Wendy Meadows (3-4)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 533 KB
Overview: Wendy Meadows is a passionate Cozy Mystery Author whose stories showcase witty women sleuths and engaging plots. To date, she has published dozens of books, which include her popular Sweetfern Harbor Series, Maple Hill Series, and Alaska Cozy Series, to name a few.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


3. The Sweets of Doom – An amateur sleuth in a small town, and a respected school teacher found dead… Will Margaret bring light to his murder and find the killer?
The entire neighborhood is shaken when their friend and respected school teacher, Jose Santiago, is found dead by his teenage son, Michael. That’s not the only unnerving threat hitting the streets recently, Margaret has been getting wry letters taped to the door of her candy store. Her son, Zach, and Detective David Graham don’t think it’s a coincidence as an investigation to find the killer gets underway.
Dark details of Jose’s murder come to light as the cause of death was cyanide poisoning, with markings of a local coven found around the crime scene. Suspicions fall on the local ‘witch’ coven, making them the primary suspects.
Michael hires Margaret to try and track down his father’s murderer, with David begrudgingly accepting her help on the investigation to keep an eye on her.
As more cryptic notes are left, along with lousy misfortune hitting the residents – this cozy town soon dissolves into a ghostly version of a frenzied Salem in 1962. Paranoia stands on every corner and the bad luck and backlash quickly turn a friend to foe – to a killer.

4. Keep Calm and Candy On – Join Margaret, an amateur sleuth and candy store owner, as she investigates another grisly mystery that is far from fun and games!
Margaret is being taught new tricks of the trade – Zach is helping her build a website for Nichol’s Candy Store to help promote her tantalizing sweets. Especially when Mark Sheridan visits all shop owners with a briefcase and a proposition to demolish their premises to make way for a large strip mall. He is met with some harsh backlash.
Margaret grows concerned when Mark doesn’t show up to collect his order and takes time to drop it off at his house as a good-will gesture, only to find him face down in his living-room, dead.
This tragedy isn’t the only thing weighing on her mind. Her budding romance with Detective David Graham is slowly wilting before the bloom – and one sugar-coated lie threatens to end their relationship for good. The tension proves challenging when Margaret is invited to join the investigation as people come forward and report that Mark was not afraid to push his limits to get what he wanted.
With evidence leading her astray and David blocking her input at every turn, Margaret will have to fight tooth and claw to hunt down the killer before they turn their attention on another victim. These are shaky foundations to walk across – and a safety net is not guaranteed.
Previously published as Popcorn Treats and Deceit. This version has been completely rewritten.

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3. The Sweets of Doom

4. Keep Calm and Candy On


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