Swapped with the Pop Star by Nina Nocturne (.ePUB)+

Swapped with the Pop Star by Nina Nocturne (.ePUB)+

Swapped with the Pop Star: A Gender Transformation Story by Nina Nocturne
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Overview: As Paul, I had never craved a man’s touch before. Yet here I was, gasping at the sight of a dude’s body. Would I be attracted to men from now on, or was it just a side effect of the magic spell that had locked me inside this voluptuous woman’s body?…

Touring with a huge pop star should have been an incredible experience, but unfortunately for guitarist Paul, working for Kendra Kadence isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Trying to satisfy the gorgeous, bossy singer’s every whim is exhausting.

Paul decides that uptight Kendra needs to relax. When he spots a shooting star, he wishes that he could help her loosen up through an erotic experience. Paul is shocked to wake up in Kendra’s luxurious hotel room, dressed in her slinky nightgown and trapped inside her voluptuous body.

Now that Paul has the curves of a sexy pop star, he decides to invite Kendra’s drummer Jake up to satisfy her pent-up desires. Jake has a huge crush on Kendra, and he can’t believe that she’s asking for his company. Paul discovers that his own desires are shifting as he becomes accustomed to his new anatomy and alluring femininity. The new Kendra can’t keep her hands off the muscular, eager man who joins her in her hotel room for some fun…
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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