Suds and Sam Mystery Series by Stella Marie Alden (.ePUB)

Suds and Sam Mystery Series by Stella Marie Alden (.ePUB)

Suds and Sam Mystery Series by Stella Marie Alden (1-5)
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Overview:I’ve had many trades; mother, wife, writer, librarian, electronics engineer, software architect, home repairman, psychiatrist, chief tear-dryer, career counselor…But I love to write. I jump out of bed at 5:30 AM everyday, eager to go. I can’t wait to give those lovely couples a happily-ever-after. Nothing good comes easy, so they must struggle. Life is like that
Genre: Romance


1. Suds and Sam – When I first meet Samantha Russo, a former FBI analyst, I can’t decide if she’s brilliant or clueless. Regardless, after one night, I want more..
A private eye in Manhattan? You’ve got to be kidding me. To keep her five-year-plan at bay, I recommended Sam to my boss at Patten Securities.
Don’t get me wrong. I respect she’s got plenty of attitude. I especially hold her Uncle Vinny, a mob boss, in high esteem. Both he and her police-chief father explain how I should book my own funeral if I mess with her.
Not much for authority, I thank them for their concern. However, she’s mine and I plan on keeping her.
When she goes missing, at first I figure she’s miffed. Yeah, I may not always take her career as seriously as she’d like. But hell, didn’t I help her solve the missing-cat-caper? That should count for something, right?
When she doesn’t answer my texts, I check with her family and my stupid heart stops.
What the hell? She’s gone missing.

2. A Suds and Sam Christmas – The miraculous ‘Weeping Babe of Brooklyn’ goes missing, Sam gets a call, and my vacation goes straight to hell.
“Whoa, now little darlin’, you may have work but I have vacation. Not having a day off all year makes a man want some downtime.” “
“What about Sam and Suds Detective Agency?”
“It’s Suds and Sam. And, it isn’t legal, not yet. We need licenses, a building, business cards…”
“Don’t be so negative. I got a website. C’mon. It’ll be fun. Besides, after, we can have a we-solved-the-case sleepover.”

3. Suds and Sam For Hire – I told her no stakeouts without me but did she listen?
Hell no. While I try to earn a few bucks out west, she takes on Manhattan’s most notorius serial killer.
Now she’s stuck in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere with her cellphone off. Her police chief father sent out an Amber Alert, her Uncle Vinny sent goons to break my legs, and her friend, Frankie-the-hitman left his cat in charge.
What could possibly go wrong?
Join Suds and Sam as they weather thier first fight, bag the bad guys, and run the gauntlet better known as her family.

4. The Dead Gigolo Caper – Hold onto your seat, cross your legs, and wait for the laughs. Suds and Sam are back!
This time, it’s murder but there’s no body and no motive. In fact, there’s no evidence of any foul play except for the word of a nosy busy-body with night-vision binoculars.
Despite big bucks, I suggest we pass on this case but Sam’s family butts in and of course, it explodes in our face. Now, we’re hip deep in a whole lot of shit better left to the police.
The good news? No more Joey. We moved into the loft above our new office space.
The bad news? They’re demolishing the church next door and the jackhammer’s sent our kitten into therapy.
Did I mention I had to gut the bathroom and we have no shower?
“Bill paying?”
“You can have that.”
“I can help.”
“I’ll do laundry as long as you throw your stuff in the hamper.”
“What’s a hamper?”
“I’ll man-splain it to you when we get home.”

5. Fried Cal – Southern charm and Brooklyn sass are at it again.
After the concert, I was plannin’ on some good lovin’ but that was before the bass player plugged in his amp. I jumped onto the stage but I was too damn late. Turns out, me and Sam had front row seats to a murder. Not only that, my pal’s wife is NYPD’s prime suspect.
Meanwhile, I got other investigating to do like why the hell won’t Samantha ‘fess up to that plastic pee-stick in the bathroom trash.

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5. Fried Cal


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