Stranger than Fiction by Candy Crum (.ePUB)

Stranger than Fiction by Candy Crum (.ePUB)

Stranger than Fiction by Candy Crum
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 401 kb
Overview: A little bit of sugar, a little bit of spice. Taylor is quick to find out her man-child boss is equal parts naughty and nice.

Taylor Lee has had one hell of an awful ride in her short lifetime, and it has led her to be a take-no-crap kind of woman. Her secrets are her own, and they are part of what has made her as strong as she is. After years of rebuilding herself and getting her life exactly where she wants it, Taylor decides to take a big risk and interviews at the most prestigious literary agent in the city: Stone Literary Agency. To land that internship would be a dream come true, and she would get to work under Alexander Stone, who is a legend in the industry even at his young age.

Unfortunately for her, Stone turns out to be a man-child who seems to value jokes and pranks over a professional environment. He seems to think he’s charming while she plans to regularly reminds him that he’s just an ass.

After the worst interview of her life, Stone gives her an offer she simply can’t refuse, and she begins a new life in a new city. It doesn’t take long to realize the man, the myth, Alexander Stone is nothing like the man portrayed in print. There is much more to him than he lets on and far more than anyone else knows. Not everything is as it seems with Alexander, but then again… The same could be said for her.

Taylor learns the hard way that a dangerous past can’t always be ignored, and everyone around her will pay the price for that mistake. Will she continue to fight alone? Or will she open up enough to see her life has changed in ways she never thought possible?

In her line of work she’d heard the saying that “Life is stranger than fiction,” but she never believed it until now…

Trigger Warnings: Discussions of Domestic Violence (no scenes of DV, though there is mild general violence)
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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