Sprung Like Spring Series by J. D. Light (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Sprung Like Spring Series by J. D. Light (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Sprung Like Spring Series by J. D. Light (1-5, 7-8 )
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Overview: I live on a red dirt country road smack dab in the middle of three tiny towns in Oklahoma with my husband of 11 wonderful, incredibly short years. I have three kiddos — two boys and a girl — all March born, three consecutive years. Yep. Three years prego. They are now 8,7 and 6 and I’m learning true patience just by allowing them to continue invading my space.
Genre: Romance MM


1. Kissing… Cousins? – Evan and Scout have known each other their whole lives. In fact, they have the same family.
Okay, they aren’t actually related, but Evan’s uncle married Scout’s aunt, so… Yeah, it’s a little awkward just how often Scout thinks naughty things about his not-cousin. Especially since they have actual family reunions together. But temptation such as Evan Billings is hard to ignore. Scout’s fought the long, hard fight––really long and really hard––but the devil done presented him with an a shiny (said in an extremely southern accent while shaking a fist in the air for drama) and he’s starting to think weak men have all the fun.
Their once easy friendship shifted when they both went through puberty and Evan presented as alpha while Scout presented as omega. Alpha’s should have to go through some kind of training course on how to handle hormones and emotions, because Evan is pretty sure his inability to process how he was reacting to his then best friend was what drove them apart, and now all they do when they are together is bicker, which is actually pretty fun and makes their cousin Ronni laugh, but when the reunions are over and they go back to their normal lives, it always feels like a little part of him is missing, and he knows that part is Scout.
When an opportunity presents itself in the form of pranking their cousin Ronni’s new boyfriend, lines get crossed… in the best way imaginable, but what happens when the reunion is over, and they go back to their lives without pranks and family keeping them together?

2. While You Were Sleepwalking – I did what when I was sleepwalking?
Archer is not your typical omega. In fact, aside from his need to protect his best friend, he’s not really sure he has a nurturing bone in his body. Funny how his best friend happens to be an enormous alpha… who he’s absolutely crazy about. When Avery greets him one night completely naked and ready for action, Archer thinks his forever has finally started. And then he wakes up to a best friend who can’t remember their night together because he was sleepwalking through the whole thing. He knows he should tell Avery everything, but he doesn’t know how… and then he finds himself pregnant with the baby of a man who doesn’t even know they got busy to begin with.
Avery is not your typical alpha. He owns an in-home daycare and adores his life staying home, taking care of kids and being protected by his omega best friend. He would love more with Archer but is not willing to give up what they have just because he’s greedy. When Archer tells him he’s pregnant and that it’s Avery’s, he can’t believe that he slept through the best night of his life. But can they keep their relationship the same knowing they could have so much more? And will it be worth risking everything to get everything and then some?

3. The Sound of You Overreacting – I’m too old for this…
At forty-seven, I’m too old to be saddled with a toddler, no matter how stinkin’ cute he is, though if anyone tried to take him away, I’d commit murder. And I’m definitely too old to be staring longingly at anyone like a lovesick moron, but especially the twenty-three, about to turn twenty-four-year-old nanny I’ve somehow acquired to take care of him. Every little thing he does no matter how innocent, sends my mind into overdrive, and I have to run off to my friends to question if I’m overreacting or not. Like, was he just flirting with me, or am I completely reading the situation wrong, and on the off chance that he was actually insinuating what I think he was insinuating, should I run? I should probably run, right? I don’t know what the hell to do with a twenty-four-year-old!
If there was ever a more ridiculous, clueless… and utterly adorable alpha in the whole world, I’ve never met him. Frost just turns me to goo, even without the help of his unbelievably adorable nephew. And good grief is the man stunningly gorgeous. He’s older, and I know that bothers him, and if I was a different person, I would probably leave it alone, but he’s too damn tempting, and a member of the Felton-Waldon-Hester family wouldn’t dream of letting something they wanted get away that easily.

4. Guarding Murphy – I’m not the best at picking men. I always seem to end up with jerks. Controlling jerks, abusive jerks, jerks that only want one thing. You name the jerk flavor and I’ve probably tas… okay that wasn’t where I was planning on going with that. When an obsessive ex won’t leave me alone, I enlist my super-hot, super interesting neighbor to protect me, and end up going on a road trip I would have never expected in a million years. I’ve wanted Fisher practically since I met him, but with all his tattoos, piercings and confidence, he’s like a walking billboard for cool and edgy, while I’m… well, boring is probably the word used most often to describe me. I just don’t see someone like him being interested in someone like me, no matter how cozy we have to get in the sleeper of his truck.
When the cute, dorky little omega that lives next door seems to be having trouble with his ex, there is no way I can let the guy go unprotected. But I’m a truck driver, and typically don’t get to spend much time at home. It’s pretty clear the only way I’m going to be able to keep Murphy safe is if I take him with me. I know it’s a horrible idea. I should definitely let one of his many, many family members come take care of him, but the temptation of all that close proximity in my truck proves to be too much, and I drag him along with me, knowing good and well that I can’t keep him. A man like him needs permanency and security, and I’m a truck driver that spends more time on the road than I do at home. I have no business wanting him the way I do, but I do. I definitely do.

5. Pride and White Trashing – Pride makes you do some really stupid things sometimes…
When I was in high school, I had a goal. I was going to graduate, find a respectable job and finally ask Cameron Walden on a date. Call it a five year plan if you will, but in the end I screwed it all up over a prideful bet, and not only lost my chance at being with him romantically, I lost him as a friend as well, and every interaction we had after that was strained. After that day so many years ago, I gave up trying to be anything other than what I was, and I gave up on trying to find anyone I might care for in that way. Over a decade later, he’s my neighbor in business, and I can’t seem to stay away. Our interactions are fun if a bit frustrating, and every single one leaves me craving even more of his attention. But how can I expect to win Cam’s affection when I’m really no different now than I was in high school, and I haven’t managed to shed my family legacy in the least. I’m still white trash, and my profession isn’t quite the type that makes someone want to take you home to their parents.
I’ve always been defensively standoffish with people. Anyone who was close to me, knew that wasn’t my true nature, but as anyone would guess, it was hard to get close to me. Neil Smith had been one of those few people I’d let close when I was younger, but that all changed one day while sitting around at lunch. It took some years to get over the betrayal I felt when I heard my friend agreeing to a bet to ask me out just to feed his pride and ego. We still see each other from time to time, and each encounter is filled with the two of us trying to one-up the other. I can’t help but feel a thrill at the possibility of seeing him again and again and going head to head with the beautiful man. The problem comes when I catch myself feeling protective and possessive of the man, especially when I keep catching glimpses of the vulnerability I know he doesn’t often show anyone else. A surprise visit in the middle of the night, and a slip of the tongue makes me doubt all the things I thought I knew, and the feelings I’ve been guarding myself against become harder and harder to ignore. The truth is, I never got over Neil Smith, and it doesn’t look like I ever will.

7. Are We Flirting or Nah? – Having a thing for your best friend’s dad is completely normal. It is. Climbing in bed with him when you are blitzed after losing your pants in a drunken act of heroism… also normal. And after the day Coley’s had––a blind date that ended before it started when the man saw him for the first time––he deserves to wake up in Fox’s arms. It’s completely platonic… and happens all the time, actually, but Coley would do just about anything to change the platonic nature of their relationship. Unfortunately, being chubby and shy hardly makes you catch of the day for just about ANY alpha, but definitely a not a man like Fox, who even nearing fifty, is far too sexy to be real.
Fox adores his son’s best friend Coley. He can’t help it. The plush little omega is just his type and probably the sweetest person he’s ever met in his life. When the omega has a bad date and ends up licking his wounds while hanging out with Fox, the older alpha finally gives in to the need he’s had for Coley since he first met him. Unfortunately, trying to get through to someone who has been hurt time and time again by other’s words and opinions of him isn’t easy, and a couple of well-meaning family members tend to complicate things sometimes. Fox has to find a way to convince Coley that just because he’s not the typical omega most alphas look for, he’s still absolutely perfect for Fox.

8. Changing Our Status – Ninjas and black cats? Sure. Nothing like a little Halloween… in MAY!
Clinton is happy with his life the way it is. He owns his own restaurant, lives with his twin and his twin’s best friend and his relationship status has been pinging at single for a long time, which is right where he likes it. Sure, living with a super-sexy alpha who makes him laugh and charms him without even trying can sometimes make him wish for things, but some people just weren’t meant for happily ever after.
Easton is afraid of change. When something works, why the hell would anyone want to change it. And that is exactly how he feels about his life. He has his father, his best friend and his… Clinton. They make an odd, but happy family, and the thought of changing that just because he’s always craved a kiss from Clinton’s sassy mouth or for their snuggles and hugs to happen with a little less clothing, scares him.
When they cross that line between friendship and lovers, they promise they’ll end it before they get in to deep, but what happens if they were already too far out before they even dove in?

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8. Changing Our Status


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