Spirit of Sage series by Jools Louise (.ePUB)

Spirit of Sage series by Jools Louise (.ePUB)

Spirit of Sage series by Jools Louise (Books #6-20)
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Overview: I’m a forty-something single female whose love of creative writing goes back to childhood. When getting a “proper” job took priority, writing took a back seat. I took the plunge a little while ago to get serious, wrote a manuscript, then sent it off, and the rest is history…several books published now, and I’m writing plenty more. I love writing LGBTQ erotic fiction because it crosses boundaries and explores prejudice, which is what I try to convey. I live in the northwest of England, close to the English Lake District, just a few miles from the sea and with beautiful scenery all around.
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, MM


6. Sherman’s Pride: Sherman rolls into town with his biker crew, a pride of African lion shifters. Chaz has been left confused and lonely as his long-term relationship with David fizzles out when they finally realize they are friends, not mates. The instant Chaz meets Sherman sparks fly, and all he wants is to climb Sherman’s tree…and his mate is more than up for the idea. The pair have a chemistry that shows Chaz he’s not defective but has just been waiting to meet “The One”…and now he’s found him! Meanwhile, Sherman has to deal with those who put him behind bars, and Chaz aims to help him confront the tragedies of his past, as well as his own. Sherman’s step-brother, Kaden, tries to make peace, only to start a brawl that threatens to start a war. Tensions run high, old feuds linger on…only love, compassion, and understanding can win through. Will Chaz’s love be enough to tame Sherman’s Pride?

7. Trials, Track, and Tribulations: Ryder Black, an elite soldier, and Cracker, an ex-con and biker, are an unlikely match for Douglas, a man blinded by a vicious acid attack, courtesy of an old enemy. His new mates are a surprise, especially after the violent death of his first mate, Ellis, at the hands of a murderous wolverine shifter. Douglas is beset by self-doubt, depression, and PTSD, and with the trials for the Two Spirit Tournament about to start, he’s convinced that he’s of no use to anyone. What can he possibly offer his two gorgeous mates? Cracker and Ryder must persuade Douglas of their love and affection and overcome years of abuse—as well as deal with some new threats to the town of Sage. Will their love be enough to give Douglas something to live for? Or will the echoes of his abusive mother’s toxic hatred finish him off for good?

8. Two Spirit Tournament: David, up to his eyes and ears in teaching the mini critters and helping with the Two Spirit Tournament, faces a new challenge. Three studly mates arrive in the form of Sketch, Skull, and Sherman’s step-brother, Kaden. With things heating up in the arenas, and outside forces wanting to stop the tournament in its tracks, is David ready to face what comes next? Depressed and lonely, David wants what all his friends have found: someone to love and cherish. Is this the time? Or will those haters prove to be more than Sage can handle? His mates, a wolverine shifter, an African lion shifter, and a kick-ass human want to prove to David that he is not a third wheel, but an integral part of their quad. With a sinister new group, Flashpoint, rearing its head, it’s time to show the outside world what Sage is all about. And time for the mates to prove to David their love.

9. Fully Fledged: Freddy returns home to Sage, after three years of traveling, trying to find out about the wider world. The town has expanded rapidly. A few surprises are in store, and his world is rocked from the start by the discovery of his mate Evan, a sexy African lion shifter who’s run away from the circus – literally. Freddy’s homecoming triggers a new discovery, a rarity in the paranormal world. He is a dual shifter, with two animal forms inside him…and both are fighting for supremacy inside him, struggling to get out. The spirit of Sage has worked its magic, and his primary form takes the lead. A golden eagle, it gives him the power of flight, a useful weapon in the fight against a powerful, brutal militia group calling themselves Flashpoint. Fully fledged, finally, will Freddy be able to overcome the terrors of his past, walk out of his nightmares, and into Evan’s loving arms?

10. Opposites Attract: Fly is a cheetah shifter with a princess attitude and a love of high fashion, who has his diva routine on tap. Noah, a bear shifter, is laid back, has zero interest in being trendy, and is quite happy living an easy life…until he is injured again, and moves in with Fly. The pair dance around their attraction for each other, until things reach a boiling point and they finally acknowledge that they’re more than just roomies. When Fly’s mother arrives in town, Noah discovers a side to Fly that is well hidden. The cheetah shifter has been verbally abused for years, and now has to deal with a woman who is determined to continue hurting her son, at any cost. To add to the drama, Flashpoint is becoming bolder…and Fly discovers his mother is a possible accomplice. The two shifters are now friends with benefits, but they want more. Can they ever live together as mates? Or are they just too different?

11. Learning Curve: Oliver and Shark have more to worry about than their new business, Feeling Clucky. Sexy Slade Winters is determined to seduce his way into their affections, but they’re afraid he might be too much like their sociopathic ex-lover, Crash. A series of sick pranks alerts them to the fact that Crash has escaped prison and is apparently gunning for them. Added to that, Flashpoint are still up to their old tricks, and two old enemies, Ghost and Morag, return to Sage to get revenge again. Can Slade convince the wolverine shifters that he’s in for the long haul and wants to claim Oliver and Shark as his mates? Can he make them see he’s no psychopath, but a lion shifter with a heart of gold? The three suitors have to negotiate deadly foes, tragic pasts, and fight for the right to a happy future together. Will the learning curve be too high to climb?

12. Flyers, Fuzzbutts, and Fisticuffs: Cullen is love-shy after a disastrous relationship nearly killed him. But then he meets Louis and Doyle and is intrigued by the two goofball bear shifters, who don’t seem to take anything seriously…except they appear to be serious about him. Shy and sexy, his suitors show him what loving is all about. The town of Sage, as always, is under siege. Fortress, Flashpoint, and now a mysterious Russian all want to take shots at the residents. When a good friend of the bears is killed in an apparent suicide, there’s a race to find out what happened and stop another catastrophe. With so many enemies on the loose, Cullen, Louis, and Doyle are hard-pressed to figure out what’s going on and have to rely on the skills of their friends to help eliminate the danger that seems an ever-present reality of Sage.

13. Buried Treasure: Love has been right under Drew’s nose, and he couldn’t be happier. Until shit happens, and he finds he has two mates. Callahan, working at Cafe Anglais for years, punches his way into Drew’s heart after saving Drew from Vince Smith, only for them both to realize that Vince could just be their mate, too. Drew is a computer geek, a member of Sage’s Warrior’s Brigade, and has secretly hidden a stash of money in cyberspace from arch enemies, Flashpoint. And they want it back. Hatching a plan, directed by none other than Drew’s father, Flashpoint send Vince to get the money, but Vince realizes he’s been played, and tries to make amends for his stupidity. Tragedy has hit Vince already, and he’d be a fool to throw away his second chance at happiness. Can the trio resolve their differences? Or will Vince’s ghosts continue to hinder?

14. The Seduction of Bryce: Rankin is smitten with Bryce, the sexy barista at Cafe Anglais. He goes all out to woo the cougar shifter, showering his beau with chocolates, flowers, and a romantic meal for two. What could possibly go wrong? Except this is Sage, and Flashpoint are getting bolder and more ruthless by the day. Bryce is contacted by an old friend Mags, a drag queen at Club Antoine. Mags is in grave danger, has witnessed a murder, and is now being hunted by Antoine, a gangster and ally to Flashpoint. Bryce is determined to rescue his friend. Bryce and Rankin’s courtship is further hampered by the efforts of an ambitious reporter, Reuben, who has a nasty knack of writing articles that put innocents in danger, and he’s not pleased when the residents of Sage don’t cooperate with his attempts at getting a scoop on all things shifter. Will Bryce and Rankin ever hook up? Or is the Seduction of Bryce never going to happen?

15. Ever Decreasing Circles: After months of keeping his mates at arm’s length, Trash is ready to reel them in. The two lion shifters, Brody and Tobias, former bikers, and now sheriff’s deputies, are double trouble. But if they promise to behave themselves, he’s more than happy to accommodate that sexy glint in their eyes. The pair are ecstatic that their little wolverine shifter has forgiven them for coming on too strong, and they don’t want to ruin things. Trash is a treasure worth keeping. Their nemesis, Flashpoint, led by a former presidential aide, cause carnage—again. Sage finds itself under a multi-pronged attack, with the college, town, and ranch assaulted by an angry mob of shifter haters. Trash and his mates are caught right in the middle when a bomb is detonated right after Trash’s cookery course at the college, trapping them. Sage is weary the unwarranted anger against them. When will it end? Will love prevail?

16. Right to Bare Fangs: Mags is on the run, and returns to Sage fleeing a hitman and a stalker, after stealing crucial information from Flashpoint. In the middle of a volatile political situation involving the president himself, Mags finds his mates, prison guard Chad, and President Sheldon’s personal bodyguard, Austin. With a bullseye on his back, Mags, a drag queen and singing sensation, is terrified that he’s put his friends and mates in danger. He’s not wrong. Flashpoint are determined to eradicate shifter rights, and will stop at nothing to achieve their endgame…the destruction of Sage, the epicenter of the entire shifter movement. Flashpoint look set to win the battle, and have their people in place, at the highest levels of power. Sage is ready for them, and has already evacuated ahead of the storm. Now it’s time to exercise their rights…to bare fangs.

17. Reverse the Tide: Boomer is ecstatic to find his mate, Goran, a former circus tiger shifter. Opening a new bistro with his brother, Brodie, Boomer is determined to stop anyone ruining his happiness. An old feud brings an old enemy to their door, and a new battle commences. Ge finds himself in the middle of a deadly battle to protect the life he’s found in Sage, and end the feud once and for all. Easier said than done with the aggressive propaganda campaign initiated by Flashpoint. Now it’s Sage’s turn to fight back by showing people they’re not just savage beasts, but are loving, caring shifters who just want to live in peace. Flashpoint up the stakes and target a nearby town, Forest Glade, sending a mob to frighten the residents, unknowingly strengthening support for the shifters of Sage. Boomer’s hopes and dreams of happiness with his mate are in the balance…they have to succeed and reverse the tide of hatred. Failure is not an option.

18. Operation Resurrection: Brodie has found two mates, Dino and Isaac, both with tragic pasts, but now has a target on his back, a hitman on his tail, and is desperate to stop his mates finding out that he was responsible for killing Dino’s brother, trying to prove to his father he was a gangster and to protect his brother. from being beaten up. Years later his past catches up, and he finds himself in a battle to stop a deadly assassin taking Dino, a rare shifter breed, back to Japan. Mr. Osaki, a collector of rare shifters has already bought and paid for Dino, and will stop at nothing to secure his prize. Brodie tries to push Dino away, frightened his mate won’t want him when he finds out what Brodie did. Now Brodie has to prove he’s worth saving.

19. Rise of the Serpents: Blast, a wolverine shifter, finds himself in a mating nightmare. His first mate is a deadly serpent shifter assassin, Xian Lu, has been tasked with taking Blast’s second mate, Surano, back to an evil rare shifter collector, Mr. Osaki. Blast has his work cut out preventing Xian Lu from completing his mission, discovering the assassin is sweet, is frightened to be touched, and terrified of loving anyone. Surano is an innocent, sassy red panda shifter who’s been imprisoned for half his life, escaping his stepfather, Peppy Picariello, who sold him years ago. Mr. Osaki wants his prize back. Blast and his friends in Sage have a tough time fending off Osaki’s hunters, since the collector is distrustful that his former pet, Xian Lu, is up to the mission. Xian Lu has protected Surano for years, a promise made to Surano’s mother, and is conflicted. Can he defy Mr. Osaki? He’s terrified of the repercussions if he fails his mission…but equally scared that his fears may prevent him living the life he yearns for with his mates.

20. Serpent’s Creed: Kobi, a black python serpent shifter, has lived a life wielding death and misery, forced into a life he didn’t want by an evil rare shifter collector, Mr. Osaki. Now the leash has snapped, and Kobi is determined to finish Mr.Osaki, after Osaki murdered Kobi’s sister. Kobi rescues five young shifters and delivers them to Sage II, home to his mate, Morgan, a sexy lion shifter who’s reeling Kobi in slowly, showing Kobi what a life of love and laughter could be like. Kobi hooks up with an old friend and serpent’s creed brother, Xian Lu, who’s found his happy ever after…and the pair, with Morgan and their friends in Sage, plan a deadly attack on Osaki’s precious island in a bid to free Osaki’s “zoo”. Kobi wants to renew the honor to his creed of serpents, brothers in arms who were borne to an honorable band of warriors and atone for his sins. With Morgan at his side, Kobi has hope they might just succeed.

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