Sons of Lost Souls MC Series by Ellie R Hunter (.ePUB)

Sons of Lost Souls MC Series by Ellie R Hunter (.ePUB)

Sons of Lost Souls MC Series by Ellie R Hunter (1-7)
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Overview: Ellie R Hunter is a writer now living in Norfolk having grown up in Cambridge, England. Incurable Hearts was her first novel followed by Eternal Hearts in 2013. Both of these books are unavailable and have been revised.
Genre: Romance


1. His Father’s Son – The Lost Souls motorcycle club have lived peacefully for nearly twenty years. For Leo Jackson, he couldn’t wait to wear the patch given to him by his father, and like his father, the club is his life.
He loves the women, the easy cash, and the thrill of the ride, and just like his father, Leo is brought to his knees by a woman.
India McCarthy is quite happy to turn eighteen, work in her mom’s shop, and stay in Willow’s Peak where nothing changes.
Only, Leo and India’s lives are about to change forever, and the days where blood and bullets reigned are about to return.
The younger generation are about to learn how to fight for their patch…and their lives.

2. His Selfish Love – When Harper McCarthy and her mom rolled into town, JJ was the only one who could calm Harper’s mind. He quickly became her obsession.
He’s cocky, he’s a biker, and he’s the most selfish man she’s ever met. He plays with her like a cat toys with a mouse.
She has her problems and she has her secrets, but she doesn’t feel free until she puts herself first.
Jason ‘JJ’ Carter, son of Sparky and Bonnie Carter, is as selfish as his dad used to be back in the day. He lives for the patch and his brothers. He loves the freedom of the club, the partying, and the women. Harper is fresh in town and she makes it too easy to seduce her, until he learns how crazy she is.
It’s not until Harper gains control of her life that JJ realises how different she is, and the chase begins.
With the club under threat and bullets flying in every direction, will JJ be able to keep Harper safe, fight for his club, and show her he can be the man she needs? Or will Harper show him how she can look after herself? Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you need them.

3. His Ride or Die – Zachery spent the first twenty-one years of his life believing Slade McCarthy was his father. He called him dad and he shared his last name. He is who he is today because of the man, a Lost Soul. But, it’s all lies. When he stumbles across the truth, not only does he learn Slade isn’t his dad, he finds out his real father was brutally murdered, and everyone knew about it.
He fills his days ignoring the world around him and getting high, until he meets the beautiful and fearless, Nina Rollins.
She’s a breath of fresh air and he can’t believe his luck when she keeps showing up in his life.
Of course, love doesn’t run smoothly and between the club and Nina’s past creeping up behind them, they’re in for one hell of a journey.
When fights are fought, bullets are fired, and the war is too close to home, will Nina be Zach’s ride or die?

3.5 Her Crazy Life – All of Harper’s life she has been the one to look after her mom, bring in the cash to the pay the bills and make sure they survive each day. It all changed one night when they found themselves living in Willows Peak and she met JJ Carter.
Their love wasn’t smooth sailing and secrets were confessed that spun her mind. Finding out who her real father is and having the violent, crazy president of the Black Crows lusting after her, she couldn’t wait to leave town with her biker.
Now her and JJ are settled with the northern chapter and her world is about to change again. Will she be able to cope? Is her future as clear as she likes to think? What will happen when she faces with the one man she’s longed for her whole life?
Harper’s life is crazy, but she is most definitely not. With JJ at her side, they can overcome anything.
She hopes.

4. His One Regret – Leo Jackson has spent his life doing as he pleases, and consequences be damned. He fell in love with a club brother’s daughter and his life catapulted down a path he never expected. His entire world changed, and he never looked back. India McCarthy became his everything, his fiancé, the mother of his child and now his perfect little family is about to come crashing down around his feet.
India McCarthy’s life isn’t turning out the way she planned. She’s a mother, she’s engaged, and she’s petrified death is coming for her family. All she craves is to live peacefully with her family and get around to finishing college. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a war her fiancé started and now she’s being used as leverage by the guy who wants to finish it.
The Black Crows have taken over the Lost Souls clubhouse and they have many hostages. Ellis has given Cas twenty-four hours to hand over Leo and Harper or face even worse tragedies than they’ve seen before. Ellis is unpredictable and if he doesn’t get what he wants, blood will run through Willows Peak, but whose blood will flow through the streets?
Leo and India’s happily ever after may not be so happy after all…

5. His One Choice – Ellis may be dead, but his presence is still very much alive in Willows Peak. His ghost haunts Leo as he struggles through life without India by his side. He haunts Cas and Sparky who buried his body deep in the earth. But it’s Harper he haunts the most, and it’s the secret of his death that weighs on JJ. He has been loyal to his patch, even before he wore it, and now, with his old lady to protect, he has to balance his conscience.
The club has always recovered after death and horror and the brothers have leaned upon one another to get through the losses, but it’s not as simple this time. Suspicion hangs heavy over the club and loyalty is tested to the brink.
Guilt can kill a soul, and so could the brothers if they learn the truth.

6. Their Fractured Souls – Mason and Myles are one soul in two bodies. Being identical twins, they act as one and dare anyone to try and mess with them. They may be Ricky’s sons, but it was their Grandpa who raised them. Pope taught them three rules to live by and they have stuck by them religiously until they ride to Mercy and everything changes.
Trouble, violence and strife are never far from the Lost Souls brothers and their trip to Mercy is no different. The Mercy chapter has been showing weakness to their enemies and after the trouble with Ellis, Cas is cleaning house.
Mason and Myles learned the hard way how dangerous the patch can be, how it’s not just for partying and women. What happens when one brother falls for a girl and the other doesn’t trust her as far as he could throw her?
The twins are about to be tested, and one isn’t so sure they’ll make it through to the brighter side.

7. His Last Chance – Zachery witnessed his sister’s murder and there wasn’t anything he could do to save her. His parents are barely surviving their grief and his old lady sprung she’s pregnant on him on the morning of his sister’s funeral. The club is all he’s known and it’s his brothers he leans on when his personal life becomes too much.
Nina fell hard for Zachery and he’s been her world since they got together. He is her ride or die and she his. When his sister was ripped from them she vowed to be there at his side always, but he’s been pushing her away and picking fights with her for months.
She knows he’s hurting but there’s only so much she can take before he breaks her heart. Will they ever find their way back to each other again?
Where there’s the patch, there are secrets and as Zach battles to find who he is now without his sister, him and the brothers are faced with the ultimate betrayal.

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7. His Last Chance


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