Sharing Our Bride by Kaylee Kane (.ePUB)

Sharing Our Bride by Kaylee Kane (.ePUB)

Sharing Our Bride: A Reverse Harem Thriller Adventure (Shared Book 9) by Kaylee Kane
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 248 KB
Overview: I wake up in a place I have no memory of. In fact, it seems that someone has wiped the past off my mind. All I know is now I belong to these two dominant masters, Prelius and Eyken, the future kings of the planet Xenotune.

I have been purchased to become their bride. What is there to complain about when I am about to taste their thick staffs and massive crowns? In a planet that rains diamonds and gold? The other Xenotunian females will kill to take over my place.

There is a catch.

I am to give them a royal heir. I am about to give my innocence away to two Xenotunian princes who are fighting for the throne. They will train me to become their submissive, obedient wife and put their baby seeds in my tummy.

All in three months. I will have to find out why I have ended up on this foreign planet and get impregnated before they will cast me into the prison planet…
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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