Seductive Shifters: Six Story Bundle by Karen Cobalt (.ePUB)

Seductive Shifters: Six Story Bundle by Karen Cobalt (.ePUB)

Seductive Shifters: Six Story Bundle by Karen Cobalt (Author), Aya Ocean
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Overview: Karen is an author from the deep woods of the Northeast. She has a largely useless degree and spends her days behind a desk, but her evenings are often dedicated to scribbling down some saucy romance.

Karen lives in a darling cape cod with her animal companions and a whole lot of books.
She is also one of the girls who is responsible for , which you should check out immediately, you minx.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Male Bear Shifter x Female Human
Sophie has worked hard to be a damn fine photographer. Curvy and confident, she’s also in the habit of working herself to burnout. When her city house needs repairs, she decides the cure is a vacation. The cabin she’s rented is perfect for a break from everyday life.
Shifter Wesley has always enjoyed his bearish nature. Will he be charmed by the curvascious beauty who’s not only renting a cabin from him? And once he gets to know her, will he want to make her his?

Male Lion Shifter Rockstar x Female Witch
Lash Venom just wanted what all rockstars do: babes, booze, and the finest drugs that fame could buy. He’s been rolling in success since he was twenty, the rock god ascending from shows at bars to filling stadiums.
Mavelle has been listening to Lash Venom’s music with obsessive lust since she saw him in concert five years ago. But lately, he’s been disappointing her. Lash has been seen stumbling on stage. His pitch has been off. Is Lash ready for a powerful, music-loving witch who plans to use sexual magic to reignite his career and her libido?

Male Werewolf x Female Human
Penny has been struggling to pay her bills while she’s been pursuing her education. Working part-time jobs hasn’t only been stressing her out, it’s kept her from getting laid! When she met handsome billionaire philanthropist Maxwell Walters, she was presented with an offer that could solve all her problems. All she had to do was work in his gallery for the day. The catch is, she’d be doing so under his strict observation and with a steady stream of vibration in her most sensitive of places. Can she hold on long enough in the gallery for Maxwell to fully claim her?

Female Arctic Hare Shifter x Male Big Cat Shifter
Kirsten is a curvy arctic hare shifter who keeps the streets and driveways of her town plowed clear!
Tonight, the man she has been hired by is not only incredibly handsome, he’s friendly and generous. By the time Kirsten has cleared away the snow, he’s got a full meal ready for her. There is something feline about her exotic host, but she just can’t pin him down. He’s teasing her with hints… will he tease her with more, especially in front of the crackling fire in the living room?

Female Werecat x Male Human
Lucas thought he was going to have a fun, fiery weekend with his best friend at a desert burn festival. As he tries to find himself in the desert, he is unaware that he’s already become prey for a gorgeous shapeshifter, one who is equally eager to explore his body.

Female Dog Shifter x Male Weretiger
In a world full of fierce werewolves and intimidating bear shifters, Bailey is an anomaly. Being a dog-shifter amongst more formidable shifters never truly bothered her. After a particularly rough day, she’s lucky enough to meet Elijah, an easy-going tiger, at the local park. When the attraction is deep and immediate, things seem to be looking up for Bailey! Can the sparks that fly with the handsome, ripped big cat change the barista’s workplace fib into a steamy reality?

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