Second Chance at Love series by Robin Gideon (.ePUB)

Second Chance at Love series by Robin Gideon (.ePUB)

Second Chance at Love series by Robin Gideon (Books #1-3)
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Overview: Before turning her creativity toward e-publishing, Robin Gideon was the author of a dozen highly-acclaimed historical romances published in New York. Her novel, Cheyenne Desire, was given five stars and named Third Best All-Time Sexy Historical Romance by In 2006, Robin was a featured author/artist on the nationally syndicated television show, CBS Sunday Morning, where she discussed her book, Viking Ecstasy. Robin lives in the Great North, is married, and has one daughter.
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance, Menage


1. Estelle’s Story: Princess Estelle Moreland is married to a brutish man who is making her life a living hell. She tries to follow her dissolute husband to one of his favorite brothels in the seedier side of London, needing evidence necessary for a legal divorce. Thugs attack her in an alley, but she’s rescued by two of the most gorgeous men she’s ever seen. They take her with them as they escape. When Prince Julian Thurstan and Count Alek Faust meet Estelle and hear why she was in such a neighborhood, they decide to take action. In the process of freeing Estelle, they ignite a fire of passion in her that burns red-hot and can’t be extinguished—no matter where they are. In 1890s London, the legal system is stacked against women. Julian and Alek set about releasing Estelle from her horrid matrimonial bonds, matching wits against a cruel and cunning man determined to keep his only source of wealth—his wife.

2. Celeste’s Story: Lady Celeste Fallon’s cruel husband of eighteen years is turning her life into a living hell. At thirty-six, Celeste discovers passion in the arms of her coachman, the handsome and muscular Heath McCord. When he introduces her to his assistant, the young and gorgeous Laine Chandler, ménage à trois passion explodes! Now that she has at last found love and sizzling passion in her life, Celeste must find a way to free herself from her loathsome husband. To make matters worse, her cruel and grasping in-laws are plotting to take control of her fortune in the courts through legal trickery. In 1890s England, a woman has little legal control over her own life. Can Lady Celeste keep her fortune, and the two lovers in her life, or will she lose it all to cruel forces beyond her control?

3. Faye’s Story: Young widow Faye Smythe’s life is turned upside down when Radburn McSwain and Dirk Boyd, two of London’s most notorious rogues, enter her life, reawaken her passion, and take control of her destiny. Inheriting her husband’s shipping company after his untimely death means Faye is one of London’s few female business executives. But her grasping in-laws, having spent their share of the inheritance, are insisting that Faye marry her deceased husband’s younger brother, which would effectively give him control of her finances. When Dirk and Radburn, who are best friends and business partners, learn of Faye’s predicament, they set out to free her from her greedy relatives. On their quest, they free Faye of her inhibitions, inspiring in her a passion she never dreamed was possible. Can Faye really have it all? Money, a career, two gorgeous men to love her?

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