Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary Series by JB Trepagnier (.ePUB)

Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary Series by JB Trepagnier (.ePUB)

Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary Series by JB Trepagnier (2-3)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 319 KB
Overview: JB Trepagnier is a huge liar. She first started lying as a child when someone asked who colored on the walls. She later went on to major in art, so they really should have framed it instead of sending her to the principals office so many times. When she was fourteen, she wrote a very large lie into several notebooks, which later became her first book, Midnight’s Sonata.
Genre: Romance


2. Pretty in Orange – What the Fae?
I’ve made a to-do list in prison.
Get my missing memories back, and find out precisely what Magnus Rathmore did to me.
Kill Magnus Rathmore.
Break out of Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary.
Find out what the Fae are up to and bring those bitches down.
Kill anyone who stops me from completing my list.
I’ve made allies in prison. I know the truth about my fire dragon, Fergus. All of us have been wronged in whatever this plot was that they’ve framed me for. I haven’t forgiven Rathmore for what he did to Roman. My kill list is growing, but luckily, I’ve made friends with a few psychos in prison. I’ve got a wolf, a demon, a Vampire, and Fergus perfectly happy to help me complete my list and kill anyone who gets in my way.

3. Risky Business – And then Daddy Dearest enters stage left.
So, I met my father. I beat the crap out of him, but I haven’t killed him yet. Yet being the operative word. I still haven’t made up my mind about that. I had my to-do list before I broke out of Scorchwood and killing him was a major part of my big kill list. I mean, the man framed me, sent me to prison in Hell, then had a mad warlock experiment on me.
When you’re fate’s little bitch, you kind of have to expect the unexpected. And my father’s big reveal about why he did all those horrible things to me and everyone else was like that movie where that kid sees dead people. I didn’t see if coming.
So, now we are uneasy allies. The fate of two realms is resting on my shoulders. That doesn’t mean I might not still decide to kill him if we manage to pull this off.

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2. Pretty in Orange

3. Risky Business


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