Scholomance: The Devil’s Academy series by Logan Jacobs (.ePUB)

Scholomance: The Devil’s Academy series by Logan Jacobs (.ePUB)

Scholomance: The Devil’s Academy series by Logan Jacobs (#1-3)
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Overview: Logan Jacobs is a USA Today bestselling author of science fiction & fantasy.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Cole is the most powerful witch to ever be born. Except… he’s a man, and there has never been a male witch. Now Cole is stuck in the Devil’s Academy full of evil women who want to destroy him. To survive, he’ll have to perform a dark ritual that enslaves the beautiful witches to him. They’ll hate serving a man, of course, but that just makes the conquest over their bodies, minds, and souls that much sweeter.

Scholomance 2
Cole has successfully survived the preschooler exam, and now he’s a full-fledged Scholomance student. More importantly, though, he now has four women bound to him forever. He’s their master, they are his slaves, and they must obey his commands. But his women also gain power and prestige out of the deal, and the Headmistress has taken a special interest in Cole and his coven. Now, they must prove themselves against Scholomance’s enemies: the elder gods and their minions.

Scholomance 3
Cole and his enslaved coven have saved Scholomance from total destruction and proven their worth. But things don’t get easier from there. Scholomance and all Wicca-kind are still at war with the Elder gods, so to improve their chances of success, the Headmistress of Scholomance decides to hold an ancient, traditional tournament to strengthen their alliances with other dark academies. The games are bloodthirsty and deadly, but Cole and his coven are ready to face anything.

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