Savage Saints New York MC: Collection by Hazel Parker (.ePUB)+

Savage Saints New York MC: Collection by Hazel Parker (.ePUB)+

Savage Saints New York MC: MC Romance Collection by Hazel Parker
Requirements: .ePUB/AZW3 Reader, 2.9 MB
Overview: From USA Today Bestselling author Hazel Parker comes four books with heart pounding action, scorching steam, and dangerous (but lovable) men on their motorcycles. These are the Savage Saints NYC and the girls who bring them to their knees.
Genre: Romance


I wasn’t looking for love …
After a stint in prison, my top priority is getting my life back on track. Between starting up a local chapter of the Savage Saints MC and trying to be there for my daughter, I don’t have time for a relationship. Or so I thought …
Until I meet Christine …
Our attraction is instant, like a bolt of lightning out of the clear blue sky.
I can’t stay away, no matter how much I tell myself I should.
But with my brother working hard to make my second chance fail and my daughter resisting all my attempts to make amends, is my relationship with Christine getting in the way?
Or can I find a way this time to have it all?

I don’t have time for dating …
I’m on the Wall Street fast track, and I don’t need a man messing with my focus or getting in the way of my goals.
But then I meet Fitz …
We have an instant connection.
And even though I know dating a co-worker is a recipe for disaster, when he asks me out, I can’t make myself turn him down.
Our chemistry is scorching, sparking an instant inferno that has our first date ending in his lap.
But my panic at sleeping with a co-worker is short-lived when he tells me he’s planning on quitting to be a full time member of a motorcycle club.
And now I’m panicking for a different reason.
Despite my fears, our connection is too powerful to resist.
But will his dangerous lifestyle put us both in danger?
Or can we overcome our opposite goals and build a life together?

I’d know that face anywhere …
I never would’ve expected to see Carrie at that party. Growing up, she always seemed so unattainable.
At first that didn’t seem to have changed … She’s still beautiful, witty, popular. And I’m an ex-cop turned sergeant-at-arms for the Savage Saints Motorcycle Club.
What would she want with someone like me?
But when the opportunity to take her out presents itself, I know I’d be a fool to let her get away again. Our connection is instant and incandescent. She’s perfect for me in every way. Except …
Her restaurant is failing, and she’s about to close up and go home to Georgia. She wants me to go with her, but my entire life is here in New York.
How can I choose between the woman I love and the life I’ve fought so hard to create?

Caught between two brothers …
There’s a gorgeous biker interested in me.
Tall, gruff, dominant,
And did I mention he is gorgeous?
On top of all that, Biggie’s sweet and caring and makes me laugh.
You know the type—
tough on the outside, but inside he’s a teddy bear.
But when I meet him, I have no idea I already know his younger brother.
His brother who’s told me so many stories of his older brothers who are criminals,
who picked on him relentlessly growing up.
Brothers who I’ve hated on principle based on the stories Kyle told me.
And now I’m stuck, deciding between my loyalty to my friend and the sweet, caring guy I’ve come to know.
But with trouble brewing, my choice becomes clear.
The only question is, am I too late?

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