Savage Island series by Cree Storm, Maggie Walsh (.ePUB)

Savage Island series by Cree Storm, Maggie Walsh (.ePUB)

Savage Island series by Cree Storm+Maggie Walsh (Books #1-2)
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Overview: Cree Storm lives and works in Southern New Mexico. The only thing she loves more than reading about gorgeous men and love is writing about them. Spending time with her friends and family is very important to her. When she is not writing or spending time with the love of her life you can find her watching the Oregon Mountains with a nice hot cup of coffee and her laptop or on face book with her many friends.
Maggie Walsh was born on Long Island to a large Irish American family. Twelve years ago she moved to the Pocono Mountains with her husband and four children. Maggie writes M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance, but has other works in progress. She loves to do outdoorsy stuff like, camp, fish, hike, ski, whitewater raft, and canoeing. Maggie loves writing stories about strong men, but also men who are flawed and can show their softer side.
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance


1. Savage Heart: Russell Savage has been around since the dawn of time. He is the original shifter and has spent most of his life fighting in one war or another as well as hoping that one day he would be blessed with a mate. Little did he expect to find him, clinging to life, as the last victim of a serial rapist and killer in Crystal, Colorado. Going on pure instinct and need, Savage whisks his mate to the place he has called home for thousands of years. Gill wakes in a strange place, with a gorgeous stranger watching over him, explaining that he is the ultimate of shifters and Gill is his mate. All the promises Savage makes about love, safety and acceptance is something out of the romance novels Gill loves to write. However, how can he believe Savage when his own parents never offered any of the same. Little did Gill know how easy that would be but underestimating how far his family would go to get him back threatens the life Gill and Savage are trying to build. How will Gill and Savage unravel the evil Gill’s father has started so that Gill can finally find love, peace, and paradise, in a place they call…Savage Island.

2. Enlightened: Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and underappreciated with having to set up everything for the new training facility on the island all by himself, Heath has very little time to eat or even sleep, forget getting to know his new found mate. Because of his size, Felix had always been underestimated and forced to prove himself. He had hopes that starting a new life on his friend Savage’s island would change all of that, but this time is no different. Having to deal with trainees who only see the size of his body and not the skill that lives within him as well as having to deal with finding his mate who is frustrated and angry, it forces Felix to call on all his training to find inner peace. But this time, trying to prove himself, Felix may have gone too far. It’s the only explanation as to why someone would try and kill him. Will he be able to get out of this situation before he pays with his life? Can Felix count on his mate to help? Or will Heath be so consumed by what needs to be done and trying to make others happy that he doesn’t even notice when his mate’s life is in danger?

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