Satyr’s Myst Series by Marie Harte (.ePUB)

Satyr’s Myst Series by Marie Harte (.ePUB)

Satyr’s Myst Series by Marie Harte (Books 1-4)
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Overview: Six degrees of separation… Satyr’s Myst finds everyone, sooner or later. The pleasure resort provides all the answers. Fantasies fulfilled, discretion, and for the Reaper family and friends, true love. No matter how kinky, crowded, or colorful, Satyr’s Myst always satisfies.
Genre: Fiction » Erotic


Book 1 – Tied and True: Lindsay Riordan has had it with the rumors and innuendo that dog her professional steps. Being born a blond should not be grounds for the automatic designation “office bimbo.” So when she overhears the sexy new office wunderkind spouting untruths about her, she decides on some payback.
Jared Hunter is a man on a mission, but his mission is proving to be a lot harder to complete than he’d expected. He couldn’t have anticipated that in the course of finding the truth, he’d wake up to find himself tied naked and spread-eagled on his bed, and that the person behind his restraint is none other than the woman he’s been lusting after since he first saw her. A woman who’s got vengeance on the brain.
What’s a guy to do when he’s fit to be tied? And what’s a girl to do when a guy turns the tables?

Book 2 – Reaper’s Reward: Ethan Reaper is lucky at work but unlucky at love. He has particular tastes in the bedroom and can’t find a woman to satisfy him. A new job for his security firm puts him in the middle of the Caribbean in a fantasy resort where anything goes.
Jewel Marciella has no idea of what her undercover assignment at Satyr’s Myst, an exclusive and very private resort, will entail. Her attraction to Ethan is her first surprise, her job as a sexual slave her second whopping shocker.
Both Ethan and Jewel have jobs to do, despite the hot chemistry between them. But if they can survive murderers and blackmail, Jewel might just be Reaper’s reward.

Book 3 – Satyr’s Myst: Lilah Tanner thought she’d finagled time on a private island for her own purposes–to take a break from her dull, complacent life. She’s a hard worker, a physical therapist, with a successful career but an unhappy love life. Not sure if it’s due to her plain features or take-charge personality, she nevertheless wants more out of life than she has. So she does her cousin a favor and agrees to keep some rich playboy out of trouble on a tropical island. How hard can that be?
The danger around Rick Hastings is far more than she bargained for.
There’s a stalker her cousin failed to mention, the threat of real harm from a hidden, outside source. But more than that, Lilah’s bombarded with the reality of Rick Hastings and Trevor Reaper, two men too sexual for her own good. Because it isn’t long before Lilah is tempted, seduced, and in love. And it will take all her courage to face her own insecurities and help Trevor and Rick face theirs in order to keep the men who’ve won her heart.

Book 4 – Willa’s Wish: Thanks to Tyrone’s unasked for interference, his boss and friend, Rick Hastings has finally found true love. With Rick stateside for the holidays, Ty is left to manage Satyr’s Myst, an exclusive pleasure resort where anything goes. He’s too busy to indulge in anything not business related, but Ty can’t get his mind off of Rick’s new hire, Willa Trainor.
Willa distracts him in way that makes him uneasy. More than her sinful body and alluring face, the beauty within the woman tempts him more than she should. She’s a stranger, for all that he wants her. And Ty’s been hurt before. But Willa isn’t who he thinks she is. She’s more than a sexy bombshell with a desire that matches his. She’s the woman whose childhood crush blossomed into soul deep love.
Despite Ty’s desire to leave the past in its place, Willa’s not willing to be ignored. Because when the truth comes out, Willa’s not taking no for an answer, not when she’s finally come to claim her man.
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