Sare Jeffries: Martian Private Eye Mysteries by Jamie MacFrey (.ePUB)

Sare Jeffries: Martian Private Eye Mysteries by Jamie MacFrey (.ePUB)

Sare Jeffries: Martian Private Eye Mysteries by Jamie MacFrey (1-2)
Requirements: epub reader, 445 kb
Overview: Jamie MacFrey writes in the cold (but damp!) confines of New England, where nothing warms the soul as much as a well-turned phrase. After studying hard to be a writer of great renown, Jamie instead starting writing erotica, a much more gratifying endeavor
Genre: Erotic


1. The Archaeologist’s Mistress – A text from an old flame draws Martian private detective Sare Jeffries into a complicated plot of multiple murders, an affair, corporate espionage and a conspiracy that may cut closer to home than Sare could ever imagine.
Five years separates today from the last time Sare Jeffries heard from Theed Montgomery, and now he’s sliding into her optical device’s messages, telling her he needs her. But what Sare thinks is just going to be a down and dirty hookup ends up as a job to tail one of Montgomery’s employees, and discover what he’s up to. That it has a suspiciously high fee might be a concern, but, on the other hand, maybe they just live better in the corporate world in New Angeles, Mars.
But when bodies start dropping, implicating Sare herself in the murders, it’s the detective who will have to find her path through the twist of corporate assassins, mistresses, personal secretaries and police officers who entangle and seduce her—when she’s not doing the seducing herself, that is. If she can avoid getting arrested or killed, she might just be able to pull one over on the people who’ve set her up.

2. The Miner’s Daughter – Mars ain’t no kind of place to raise a kid—and there’d be no one there to raise them if you did. And Martian private detective Sare Jeffries is about to find out just how true that is.
Called out to the Martian Outback by mining tycoon Ravi Randolph-Singh to solve the shocking murder of his foreman, Sare’s far from home—and anything close to what she’d call civilization. But Ravi has something special for Sare’s fee: information on the murder of her fiancee, Mari Grant. So she’ll do the job, and luckily Sare’s always been able to amuse herself. Unfortunately, it appears that M. Randolph-Singh’s two children are just as much as hellraisers, and with access to daddy’s bottomless wallet to ensure they feel no consequences.
But nothing can be even that simple for Sare, and what starts as two spoiled rich kids having their games spirals out into corrupt sheriffs, drug deals, and separatist militias. If Sare wants to get one step closer to solving the biggest mystery of her life, she’ll have to solve this one too, and not get killed doing it.

Download Instructions:
1. The Archaeologist’s Mistress

2. The Miner’s Daughter


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