Sarahs Sexploits series by K.T. Red (.ePUB)

Sarahs Sexploits series by K.T. Red (.ePUB)

Sarahs Sexploits series by K.T. Red (Sarah’s Sexploits #1-8)
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Overview: K T Red is an author of Sarah’s sexploit series with identity no available for public.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


The Beginning
Sarah works in a male-dominated environment and finds herself fantasising and daydreaming about some of the men that work there – especially one of them. When an opportunity presents itself, she initiates a “Friends with Benefits” arrangement with him. A passionate and steamy workplace session follows but when their encounter is captured on camera, Sarah finds herself at the mercy of a new boss who makes it clear that he expects the same. What will she do? What started out as a bit of fun becomes something with far-reaching consequences. This is the first in a series of stories involving Sarah and her sexual escapades with various partners.

Three of a Kind
More adventures with Sarah, Scott and Emil – and Annie! Sarah’s involvement with Emil intensifies despite her intitial coercion into their sexual relationship and his anger at her casual involvement with a Chinese beauty. Scott is still unhappy in his marriage and his encounters with Sarah as brief and passionate as ever, becoming a much needed sexual escape. Enjoy how Emil uses her desires against her to encourage her to open up and trust him while Scott’s increasing lust for her feeds her wild and fiery side. More misbehaving at work and explosive action in the rain for the troubled but beautiful Sarah.

All the Colours of the Rainbow
Sarah helps Emil to celebrate Bastille Day as only she can as their relationship intensifies – and not just on the sexual front! But as far as sex goes, their lust for each other is as strong as ever as they start to get to know each other more intimately and Sarah begins to open up about her past. A razor, some minty lube and Sarah’s sense of fun and sexual mischief drives the usually cool Emil insane and he reveals his wild and animal side. But, as Sarah lets herself start to enjoy her new found happiness, her already waning involvement with married colleague Scott comes to a bitter and angry end and she finds herself taking drastic action.

Afternoon Delight
Feel the heat as Sarah’s initially casual involvement with Scott intensifies, their passion for each other fast becoming insatiable. The lovers have an afternoon of hot, steamy sex planned but what happens exceeds either of their expectations. Teasing and tormenting each other with hands, mouths, bodies and toys, they push themselves to the limit, to the very edge of consciousness. Their sexual greed for each other is taken to new heights when emotions come into play. This time we learn a little of what hides beneath the surface – of Scott’s unhappy marriage and of Sarah’s haunting by her first love. Enjoy the intoxicating combination of spectacular sex and a rare glimpse into Sarah’s softer, more vulnerable side.

Emil’s seaside hideaway gives our lovers the chance for some extremely naughty (and noisy!) sex. Barriers are lowered even further and they each open up a little more about their past. Sarah learns of a tragic accident in Emil’s past which has kept him from becoming emotionally involved with a woman – until he met the one woman he knew would understand and love him anyway. Sexy fun in the sea and confessions about their deepest sexual desires and fantasies take them both on a voyage on self discovery, Emil’s desire for her pushing Sarah to the edge of her tolerance – and beyond! And that’s only Saturday!

As Sarah recovers from the previous night’s wild erotic extremes, she begins to realises the true nature of her feelings for Emil. An early morning session on the beach, chilly fun with an ice cube, sexy word association games leading to orgasm overload and more passionate destruction of furniture on a balcony in the city at night – it’s not exactly a day of rest!

Just as Sarah begins to enjoy the happiness she’s found with sexy Frenchman Emil, a monster from his past threatens everything. A violent assault leaves her angry and traumatised and she pushes away her lover, punishing him. Sarah returns to her old, wicked ways – prowling the singles bars and picking up strangers. One night of madness – a threesome with two handsome boys and roadside sex with a cabbie – push her over the edge. When her spiral of self-destruction threatens her life, can Emil’s love save her?

Champagne and Cherries
Emil and Sarah escape to a luxury hotel to begin afresh after Emil surprises Sarah by showing his feelings for her – and she surprises herself by reciprocating. A shadowy figure from Emil’s past threatens to spoil their weekend by harassing Sarah but our heroine is more than a match for him. Frolics in the shower; hot, steamy, passionate sex and two bottles of champagne later, Sarah’s wicked side seduces Emil and sparks fly! And all this after she takes a young colleague’s virginity in her own inimitable way!

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