San Diego Social Scene Series by Tess Summers (.ePUB)

San Diego Social Scene Series by Tess Summers (.ePUB)

San Diego Social Scene Series by Tess Summers (3-6)
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Overview: Tess Summers is a former business woman and teacher who always loved writing but never seemed to have time to sit down and write a short story, let alone a novel. Now battling MS, her life changed dramatically, and she has finally slowed down enough to start writing all the stories she’d been wanting to tell, including the fun and sexy ones!
Genre: Romance


3. Playing Dirty – Playing Dirty has never been this much fun.
I’m a career woman. I wear success like a second skin, and I’m rarely satisfied with anything less than the best. This includes my love life. If you want to date me, you better bring your A game because I don’t play with the B team.
The only type of commitment I’m interested in is the one I have with my career. There is no man strong enough to tame me. Bold enough to rattle me. Or confident enough to win my heart. But then again, I have never met a man like Luke Rivas.
Cassie is one feisty, fiery, demanding woman who has enough confidence to intimidate even the bravest of men. She’s driven, ambitious, and clearly has no interest in anything more than a casual fling.
But here’s the thing. I want her, and once I have her, there will be nothing casual about it.
I will crack through that tough exterior she wears so well and bend her into submission. I’ll make her break every one of her own damn rules just for me. And in order to accomplish just that…
I’m willing to play dirty.

4. Cinderella and the Marine – One night. No strings attached. What could go wrong?
I was pretty happy living the carefree life of a successful bachelor. Money to spend, a revolving door of women, no commitment, no relationship troubles—it was perfect. At least, that’s what I thought until I held my friends’ newborn baby in my arms, and she smiled at me.
That was the moment I realized what life was all about. That was also the moment it occurred to me I needed a baby mama—stat.
So… the hunt is on for the perfect candidate. But first, I might have to have one last fling—you know, go out with a bang. Literally.
Thanks to making a few wrong decisions along the way, I’m now busting my ass waiting tables while putting myself through college. It’s not ideal, but I’m determined to stand on my own two feet and take care of my responsibilities the best I can.
But I’m still a woman. I have needs. I just don’t have the time for any kind of commitment. Naturally, when a smoldering hot Marine offers me a no-strings-attached one-night stand, I’m all on board.
Turns out… he wants more than I’m willing to give.

5. The Heiress and the Mechanic – Tattoos, muscles, and a beard? Oh my.
Ben McCallister wasn’t like any man attorney Harper Finch had ever dated. For one, his hands were rough and calloused from working all day at his mechanic shops; two, his muscled arms, back, and chest were covered in tattoos; and three, he rode a Harley. The men Harper dated were the ones her daddy would approve of: white-collar, with hands as soft as hers, and the most ink any of them had ever had was a fraternity seal that stayed hidden under short sleeves.
But there was something about this bearded man… how gentle and caring he was with her—outside the bedroom, that is. But his manners in the bedroom? Let’s just say he didn’t have any—which suited Harper just fine.
He was a dream come true. If only she were allowed to dream anymore… But her family and her secret made that impossible. She’d have to settle for a fun summer fling.
She should have known Ben McCallister would never ‘settle’ for anything less than all of her—forever.

6. Burning Her Resolve – She wasn’t going to date him, no matter how hard he tried to convince her otherwise. There was too much to lose if she gave in.
It wasn’t fair. No man should be allowed to be that gorgeous.
Certainly not the sexy firefighter who she was supposed to be keeping at bay.
Women’s eggs dropped at the sight of him. But not hers. Nope.
Grace had things to do—finishing med school and keeping her nose clean for her upcoming residency match, to name a few—and she wasn’t going to let anything or anyone derail her this time.
No matter how broad his shoulders were. Or how perfectly styled his messy hair was.
Or what his sexy grin did to her insides. It. Was. Not. Happening.
It couldn’t.
Getting involved with Ryan Kennedy almost guaranteed her face would be plastered all over Page Six. She couldn’t afford to be in the gossip section again. Not now. There was too much at stake.
But the sexy firefighter seemed determined to burn her resolve to the ground.
And staying away was starting to feel like an impossibility…

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