Sacrificial Duet by Riley Ashby (.ePUB)

Sacrificial Duet by Riley Ashby (.ePUB)

Sacrificial Duet by Riley Ashby (#1-2)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 276 kB | 1.1 MB
Overview: Author writes dark romance/romantic suspense that contains themes that may not be appropriate for all readers, including sexual assault.
Genre: Romance


Reckoning (#1): Once upon a time, there was a princess.
She wasn’t a real princess, but her parents treated her like one because they loved her so much. She grew up poor, but you wouldn’t know it by the way they showered her with love and affection. When she became a woman, she wanted to spend her life helping others. And she always dreamed that one day, she’d meet a prince. Not to sweep her off her feet and take her away, but to complement the life she already loved.
But before that prince could arrive, a villain showed up instead.
He swept her off her feet, not with love but with threats.
He took her away, not to a castle but to a prison.
And he destroyed the wonderful life she’d built for herself.
But the princess saw that her villain had fears of his own. There was another devil much worse than him. Someone who would go to endless lengths to bring torment to her while she was still alive.
Somewhere along the line, the villain started to show that he might not be brute the princess thought he was.
And she started to fall for him.
And then hell came to her all on its own.
When the time came to hold onto her, he let her go.

Absolution (#2): What I’d thought was my cage turned out to be my castle. The man I’d thought had come to hurt me turned out to be the prince I’d yearned for; my captor became my rescuer.
Until he wasn’t.
The castle was under siege from all sides, by enemies both known and unknown. Friends turned out to be enemies, and the enemies were worse than either of us could have imagined. Our fortress crumbled around us and I found myself in the hands of the cruelest man I’d ever known, the man who could turn my prince into a pauper with a snap of his fingers. And when the time came for my prince to protect me, he handed me over to the enemy as if I was worthless.
I had faith in the man I’d come to love over the weeks I spent uncovering the fortress he kept around his heart. I waited, patient as ever, for him to come to me and take us somewhere we could finally be safe.
Except he didn’t.
Until it was too late.

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