Royal Dynasty Series by Roberta Gellis (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Royal Dynasty Series by Roberta Gellis (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Royal Dynasty Series by Roberta Gellis (1-4)
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Overview: Roberta Gellis was driven to start writing her own books some forty years ago by the infuriating inaccuracies of the historical fiction she read. Since then she has worked in varied genres–romance, mystery, and fantasy–but always, even in the fantasies, keeping the historical events as near to what actually happened as possible. The dedication to historical times settings is not only a matter of intellectual interest, it is also because she is so out-of-date herself that accuracy in a contemporary novel would be impossible.
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1. Siren Song
William of Marlowe and Elizabeth of Hurley loved each other from childhood and swore to marry no other. Their fathers had more practical and profitable intentions. William was told Elizabeth had gone to Ilmer to be married to Mauger and in his pain and rage took Mary of Bix to wife. Elizabeth, who had withstood starvation and beatings, yielded at last when a priest swore to her William had married Mary. But Mauger had taken Elizabeth for more than her moderate dowry. Soon her brothers were both dead and Elizabeth was heir to her father’s lands.

When Elizabeth’s father died, Mauger moved his family to Hurley. And when he saw the rich lands of Marlowe across the river, he decided to marry his son to William’s daughter, be rid of William, and have Marlowe too. William should have seen through Mauger’s false front, but his heart and mind were paralyzed by the horrible thought of Elizabeth in Mauger’s arms. And he nearly, so nearly, also became Mauger’s victim.

2. Winter Song
Alys of Marlow was a simple knight’s daughter, Raymond d’Aix was of the high nobility. But Alys and Raymond had fallen deep in love when Raymond was in England, and Alys’ dowry was large enough to make Alys acceptable to Raymond’s father. But in taking hold of that dowry, Alys makes a deadly enemy.

Worse, Raymond’s mother is not pacified by the rich dowry. Lady Jeannette resolves to make Raymond hate Alys and control him herself. She causes a violent quarrel between Raymond and Alys just at the time Raymond must go off to deal with his father’s vassals.

At that critical moment comes the news that Raymond’s grandfather is dead. Raymond’s father must hurry to the court of Louis of France to save Aix from a harsh overlord and Alys must somehow get her hysterical mother-by-marriage and sisters-by-marriage to the capital of Provence to attend Raymond-Berenger’s funeral. Alys gets caught up in an attempt to abduct the heiress of Provence, and Raymond must rescue Alys from an unassailable fortress.

3. Fire Song
Fenice d’Aix and Aubery of Ilmer both had unhappy first marriages. Both had guilty secrets related to those marriages, but each found in the other what had been lacking in their first union. Each longed for the passionate love offered by their new partners. Nonetheless, neither dared expose their hidden secrets lest they lose everything.
The hidden deceptions make Aubery’s political duties more hazardous. Having failed twice in his attempts to kill Aubery, an old enemy decides to violate and then murder Fenice as his only fit revenge. Fenice’s abduction makes truth a necessity between Fenice and Aubery. But it is not until he loses Fenice that Aubery’s pride bends enough to allow him to declare his love…almost too late.

4. A Silver Mirror
Alphonse d’Aix gave his tourney prize of a silver mirror to a lonely little girl. Since her affairs were also left by her father in Alphonse’s hands, Barbara was quite sure he was the man chosen to be her husband. Alphonse was too kind to laugh at an awkward, unhappy thirteen-year-old, but he made it clear that she was not his chosen.

By the time Barbara returned to France, fleeing the unwanted attentions of Guy de Montfort, Alphonse had long regretted his refusal. His immediate proposal of marriage is swiftly accepted. Barbara had hidden her pain but never recovered from her first love. Still, thinking about Aphonse’s past life, Barbara decides a semblance of coldness will be necessary to hold his attention.

However, Guy de Montfort had not forgotten Barbara’s refusal, and was determined out of spite to have her, even if it meant killing Alphonse. But Guy’s attacks drive Barbara and Alphonse into the hands of the rebellious Welsh, and amid the tension and terror of freeing Prince Edward from de Montfort’s prison, their true love is exposed.

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