Rock Springs Texas Series by Kaci Rose (.ePUB)

Rock Springs Texas Series by Kaci Rose (.ePUB)

Rock Springs Texas Series by Kaci Rose (1-3)
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Overview: Kaci Rose is a mom, dog lover, travel lover, writer, and collector of dreamcatchers. Her days are spent curled up with a good books, watching kids shows over and over, and writing. Kaci Rose has been writing for over 15 years but finally took the plunge to wright all the romance novels that have been filling her idea book.
Genre: Romance


1. The Cowboy and His Runaway- Maybe if she’d known that running for her life would have changed her life for the better, she would have done it sooner…
My momma always believed in fate, but I didn’t believe until I met him. The sexy cowboy who’d found me hiding in his barn. A series of disastrous events led me to…him. He and his family took me in, protected me, and gave me the life I always wanted. But at what cost?
I didn’t expect to find the beautiful blonde in my barn that morning. Or the intense rage I’d feel after seeing her bruises. At that moment she became mine. Mine to take care of. Mine to spoil. Mine to protect from anyone who intended her harm. Anyone.

2. The Cowboy and His Best Friend – Best Friend’s – Second Chance Romance! Who meets their soul mate at 6 years old?
I met him when I was 6. When he saved my life, at age 10 and we were instant best friends. At age 14 I returned the favor. We knew then we had a bond. But who meets their soul mate age 6? So, I ran. Years later and I’m in the hospital again, and he hasn’t left my side. Can we put the past behind us? And what about his playboy reputation…
I knew since I was 10, I was going to marry her. She was going to run the ranch with me, be the mother to our kids. Only her. When she ran all those years ago it broke my heart. After a series of false rumors and misunderstandings, we have another chance now. Only now I have to prove I’m not the playboy this town has made me out to be.
Come meet the small town of Rock Springs Texas with a family that has your back, a town that knows your business, and men who love with everything they have.

3. The Cowboy and His Obsession – It’s time to convince her the only thing better than being my best friend, is being my wife.
I met Hunter in high school after we both got ditched by our dates. Laughing over the rejection together, we instantly became best friends. I never allowed myself to see him any other way, because the bond between us was too special to risk. But when I have to call him out to the ranch to help with a cow birthing twins, I see him in a whole new light. Strong. Assertive. Intense. Suddenly, I find myself wondering if this friendship came with any benefits I’ve missed out on enjoying…
I’ve been head over boots in love with Megan since the day we met. Not that I was ready to tell her that. She had dreams and aspirations, and I never could have forgiven myself if I stood in the way. In the meantime, I worked on building a life for us in the hopes that someday she would share it with me. Could that someday begin with a call about a cow in distress? Seeing her bottle feed a newborn calf has me ready to confess all the feelings I’ve kept hidden. Can I convince my best friend to become my wife?

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3. The Cowboy and His Obsession


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