Rich Men and Curvy Women: Books 1-5 by Faye Dylan (.MOBI)

Rich Men and Curvy Women: Books 1-5 by Faye Dylan (.MOBI)

Rich Men and Curvy Women: Books 1-5 Series Bundle Billionaire Short Stories by Faye Dylan
Requirements: .MOBI reader, 320 KB
Overview: All five short and steamy stories in the Rich Men and Curvy Women series! Join five young curvy women as they find insta love and a happily ever after with the billionaires of their dreams!
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Lexi’s Billionaire
Emmett took over his father’s company right out of college and has been working practically nonstop ever since, never taking the time to fall in love. When he decides to spend the summer on an island, he realizes that he’s going to need someone to cook for him. One look at curvy girl Lexi and he knows he wants her in his kitchen…and in his bedroom.
Lexi loves cooking but is starting to wonder if the restaurant life is for her. When a smoking hot billionaire offers her the chance to work at his summer home, she jumps at the chance. She gets the feeling that Emmett might be interested in her for more than just her meals, but that just doesn’t happen to girls like her, does it?

Maddie’s Billionaire
Maddie doesn’t trust wealthy men. As co-owner of a flower shop, she’s seen far too many of them send extravagant arrangements to make up for their infidelities. Her sister’s husband is the only exception. His brother Eric? Typical rich jerk. There’s no way she would ever be foolish enough to fall for someone like him.
Eric and his brother built their investment company from the ground up. He used to think that falling in love wasn’t for him, but lately something’s changed. He’s no longer interested in meaningless, casual relationships. When tragedy strikes their family, he and younger curvy girl Maddie are forced into a situation neither of them planned on. And Eric finds himself having feelings that he hadn’t planned on either.

Rosie’s Billionaire
Rosie is an introverted work from home editor who has been in love with her best friend’s brother since he came home from college ten years ago. Now, he’s running for mayor of their small town and she’ll do whatever she can to help him win. Even if it leaves her with a broken heart in the end.
Tristan has been too busy working for his family’s company to worry about falling in love. When he decides to run against the town’s corrupt mayor, he gets unfairly portrayed in the media as a rich playboy. When Rosie agrees to help him fix his reputation, he sees his little sister’s best friend in a whole new light.

Ava’s Billionaire
Ava knows that breaking up with her high school boyfriend Noah was the best decision for both of them, but even after all these years she’s still in love with him. Now he’s a billionaire back in town for a wedding. Will a spur of the moment trip to the beach allow both of them to move on as friends or is there still a spark between them?
Even though Ava broke his heart, Noah can’t help but compare every woman he meets to his first love. Will seeing her again allow him to finally get over her or will he decide the risk getting his heart broken again is worth it to be with the woman he’s still madly in love with?

Holly’s Billionaire
Holly is a confident curvy girl who knows what she wants. She’s not willing to settle for just any guy. She’s waiting for the perfect man, and when she meets Owen online, she’s pretty sure she’s found him. It turns out he’s not only charming and gorgeous, he’s also a billionaire.
Owen knows right away that Holly is meant to be his forever. When he finds out something that could tear the two of them apart, will he be honest with her or risk starting their future with a lie?

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