Replay Series by Nia Farrell (.ePUB)

Replay Series by Nia Farrell (.ePUB)

Replay Series by Nia Farrell (1-12)
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Overview: Author Nia Farrell is a founding member of the Wicked Pens and a multi-genre author who is published in nonfiction, poetry, music, articles, and children’s books, with one documentary screenplay under her literary belt. She had nine nominations in the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards; her BDSM MMF ménage erotic historical As Wicked as You Want was voted #1 Erotica and #10 overall in The 50 Best Indie Books of 2016, and Pride and Punishment was voted Best Historical Romance in the 2017 Menages Romance Readers Favorites.
Genre: Erotic Romance


1. Viking Raid – Gunnar Falk portrays a Viking leader at Replay, a BDSM theme resort where patrons role play in the past. He’s the Dom everyone wants but no one has had…until the resort’s musical director Breanna Campbell makes him an offer he can’t refuse.Gunnar isn’t looking for a permanent sub, but he’ll take what Breanna is offering—only because he can’t stand the thought of another Dom claiming the beautiful blonde harpist. Her music enchants him. Her innocence beckons him. She’s agreed to give him everything, but will one night be enough?

2. Triple Play – Rowena Campbell has always been the naughty twin. After the Viking Raid and her worst walk of shame ever, she recognized that she was misusing sex. In therapy for her sexual addiction, three months celibate, Rowena is better than fine, with a successful erotic blog and book deal by her alter ego, ginger-wigged Regina Wright. When Scottish billionaire Micheil MacDonald wants Regina at his brother’s birthday party, she agrees to attend three scenes as an observer only. A triple play in Imperial Rome, Prohibition Chicago, and Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, no kink, no sex – and no lies, per his terms, with half a million dollars riding on the line. Surely she can manage that?
Micheil MacDonald is a widower with a child recovering from the fatal accident that claimed his wife. He sweeps into Rowena’s life like a force of nature, brushing aside her protests, determined to be the exception to her rules. But Rowena has scars that no one can see. Secrets that have never been shared – not even with her twin. Telling the truth was never supposed to be this hard.

3. Honour Bound – Replay owner Piers St. Leger isn’t looking for a sub. When psychologist Eleanor Benoit comes into his office, beautiful, curious, eager and willing to learn, suddenly all he can think of is what he can show her. What he can teach her. What they can do together. What they can be…. Intrigued by the psychology of BDSM, Elly has agreed to attend a scene at Replay as an observer, portraying the White Queen in Wonderland, with Sir Piers as the White King. Incredibly handsome, dangerously charismatic, he understands that she has triggers and still manages to tempt her to do more. By the evening’s end, it’s clear that one night won’t be enough, for either of them.

4. Hooked – Ex-Navy SEAL Marcus Vos is a man with dark passions but enough of a conscience, he’s stayed away from the woman he wants…until she’s given a weekend at Replay, the local BDSM theme resort where patrons play in the past. The last time they were there as guests, he sent Gini home alone. But Gini’s returning—alone—for a pirate weekend over the Fourth of July, with plans to explore her own sexuality. She hopes to learn what she likes and why she’s drawn to some aspects of BDSM.She doesn’t know that Marcus will be her guide.Playing Captain Hook will be easy for this amputee. He plans to keep his PTSD service dog close by. He’s told Gini the truth about his sexual addiction, but she’s about to learn that he’s a Dominant, too. One who requires a service dog’s help to wake up from flashbacks and nightmares, episodes that occur up to six times a night.What happens when the man you want is a haunted hero with wounds that you’re helpless to heal?

5. Night Music – Dr. Josef Brandt is the Austrian-born staff psychiatrist and a bisexual Dominant at Replay BDSM theme resort, where patrons play in the past. He’s something of a loner, but not by choice. He’s been waiting to find his perfect complement—or complements, whoever he, she, or they might be. When Hollywood comes to Replay’s Versailles Room, Sir Josef is cast as the father of young Mozart, portrayed by Aubrey Wolfe, a twenty-four-year-old musical savant. Luc Vashon is Aubrey’s teacher and serves as an aide to the petite, legally blind pianist. Recognizing that Luc’s feelings run much deeper, Josef decides to play Cyrano de Bergerac and advance Luc’s suit with Aubrey.He never expected to fall for them both.

6. Highland Fling – Jannet MacDonald walked away from a career as a professional ballet dancer when her brother Micheil’s first wife was killed and his daughter severely injured. Recognizing just how much she’s sacrificed, Micheil and his bride treat her to a special music weekend at Replay BDSM theme resort, where patrons play in the past. A former friend from Juilliard will be performing Mozart on Saturday. The next night is a Scottish céilidh, with music for the Celtic soul. While she’s there, she plans to explore BDSM and learn what it takes to be a submissive.Dominant Ian McGregor can’t believe it when he sees Jannet MacDonald waltzing in Replay’s Versailles Room. At her brother’s wedding, she let him think that she couldn’t dance. She might have shut him down that night, but he hasn’t stopped thinking about her. And now, she needs to pay the price for not telling him the truth.Ian isn’t the only one she’s wronged. Replay staff psychiatrist Sir Josef wants to punish Jannet, too. When he was approving her for play, she detailed her history of eating disorders but failed to disclose her anxiety. At the céilidh, Ian proposes that they decide the matter like men did back in the day…with swords.Jannet hopes that Ian will win the challenge, even if it means being disciplined. Once, he gave her the best sex of her life. This time, she’ll have to earn it—the hard way.

7. Wing Men – It’s World War I weekend at Replay resort, and vocalist Lara Eastman is one of the entertainers hired to help bring the past to life. The offer comes at a time when she’s worried about how to pay her bills. She accepts the job but declines getting vetted to play—something that she quickly regrets when she meets not one but two very attractive—and very Dominant—pilots.
Alexander Boulton is the resort owner’s cousin. This weekend, the handsome Brit is flying a Sopwith Camel against his rival Dmitry Chezhekov, a Russian-born pilot who portrays a German flying ace. On the ground, the red-haired singer comes under both men’s sights. Lara meets Alex first, but she’s equally attracted to Dmitry. She rarely hooks up at events, but Alex and Dmitry will prove the exception to her rules. The truth is, she wants them both. Unwilling to settle for one when she can have it all, Lara proposes a threesome.The men are fierce competitors. Each is determined to bring her the ultimate in pleasure. Only one thing is certain. If they want her, they’ll have to learn to share.

8. The Dark Side – Actress Ashley Slade once filmed in Replay’s Versailles Room, and she’s been invited back for Cinema Classics weekend at the BDSM theme resort. Nursing old wounds and fresh hurts, she can justify the expense as research for an upcoming audition. Based on a true story, it’s a role that she desperately needs to salvage her career and save her home.
Ashley invested nearly all of her savings into her first movie as a producer. The film failed, as did her relationship with costar Cade Madden. The only thing that’s constant in her life is the chronic pain from a severe back injury. She refuses to use the prescription drugs that landed her in rehab.
Master Sorin (Sebastian Moldovan) is the Romanian Dominant who portrays a vampire Dom on the RACK side of the resort. A doctor who now teaches, Sebastian is assigned to guide Ashley throughout the weekend and keep her safe during play.
In the outside world, they can never be a couple. Keeping his job means maintaining his anonymity. But there’s no denying their elemental attraction to each other. When her 1930s Hollywood vamp meets his vampire, the chemistry is off the charts. What will happen in the harsh light of day? Can this star-crossed couple write their own happy ending, or will the circumstances force them to go their separate ways?
This story includes more extreme elements of BDSM and may contain triggers.

9. Gladiator – Greek-born Leda Giannopoulis is a wardrobe assistant at Replay BDSM theme resort where patrons roleplay in the past. Work interferes with participating in scenes, but it doesn’t stop her from fantasizing about being kidnapped. She never expected to be taken, let alone by the international, interracial cadre of four gladiators who live and train at Replay’s new Roman villa.
Sir Djiman is a bisexual Ethiopian personal trainer. Sir Marcus is an Italian photographer. German-born Lukas Arik Haas is a fitness model and aspiring author. Sir Antony, the bisexual Spanish swordmaster and leader of the group, warns her that life with them will be very demanding. Leda will be submitting to four Dominants with very different personalities. Two of them already seem at odds with each other. Leda hopes to be the tie that will bind them, but her kidnapping fantasy might prove to be the very thing that tears them apart.
This book deals with subjects that include bullying and unsolved murder and may contain triggers

10. Patriot Games – Will the third time be the charm? Replay Dominant Richard Benjamin Franklin lost Gini Shelton to Marcus Vos and Jannet MacDonald to Ian McGregor. Now it’s Revolutionary War weekend, and he’s been assigned another submissive—and not just anyone. Victoria St. Leger is the Replay owner’s sister and an heiress in her own right. Earning her submission will be the ultimate prize.
This weekend they’ll play Patriot and Loyalist, Whig and Tory. However, this Tory’s surrender isn’t guaranteed despite the electricity that sizzles between them. Rich might have her, but can he hold her, when her life is in England and he’s stuck here? And will he want her, once he learns Tory’s secret?
She’s not just descended from a witch. She is one.

11. Wanted – Jeremy Randall is a graphic novelist whose Iron Domination Series inspired The Steamroom addition at Replay BDSM theme resort. While he’s written BDSM, he’s only researched it, never experienced it. His first visit to Replay coincides with Wild West weekend, where he’ll portray a gunslinger. He hopes to be dominating subs before the weekend is through.
Jeremy signs a contract agreeing to first train as submissive, but he’s in for a shock when Courtney Reynolds isn’t the latex-clad Domme that he envisioned. The Dominant assigned to guide him through the weekend is eight years older, experienced, and gay.
Cast in the role of Sheriff Reynolds, Court seems Jeremy’s opposite but he takes the role of training him seriously. Court believes that Jeremy is naturally submissive, and he agrees with the resort psychiatrist that Jeremy might be bisexual. Court falls hard and fast for the beautiful, talented, conflicted young man. He has one weekend to free Jeremy from a lifetime of misperceptions and help him discover his true nature. When Sunday comes, will he be able to let him go?

12. Caged – Kitten gets a Daddy Dom for Father’s Day!
The pandemic has struck and play weekends are canceled at Replay BDSM theme resort after one of the owner’s wife’s patients tests positive. The few patrons still there agree to self-quarantine with a two-week all-inclusive stay. While Sir Piers remains home with his family, it’s left to his executive assistant Kitten and his administrative assistant Samael to see that things run smoothly at the resort.
One of their guests is triple-platinum recording artist Thaddeus Rhodes, a tattooed, bearded Daddy Dom who’s into steampunk cosplay. Thaddeus thinks it’s a shame that Kitten takes care of everyone else and no one takes care of this little.
Faced with two weeks of lockdown, Kitten comes up with a list of things to help to pass the time. What starts out as a game of ways to please this Daddy Dom quickly evolves into something much, much more.

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