Redemption Bluff Series by Kari Trumbo (.ePUB)

Redemption Bluff Series by Kari Trumbo (.ePUB)

Redemption Bluff Series by Kari Trumbo (1, 4-5, 8 )
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Overview:Kari Trumbo is a bestselling author of Christian and sweet romance.
Genre: Romance


1. Millie and the Marksman – A baker, a doctor, and his miscreant brother all want safety restored to Redemption Bluff, but for very different reasons.
Baker Millie Coco just wants Hawk Bauer out of her life for good. He’s the head of the ruthless Bauer gang, but also the brother to the town doctor. A man who wants her affections. Millie would rather have neither man, but agrees to convince Hawk his life could be better on this side of the jail cell.
Hawk Bauer’s name, earned through gun battles and a long string of crime, is his most prized possession. When he’s shot and winds up in the small settlement of Redemption Bluff, he finds a brother he thought was dead, and worse, he’s thrown off the family name. An insult that cuts deeper than the abandonment. To spite his brother, Hawk vows to steal the woman he loves. But will Millie’s charm prove too strong even for Hawk?
Start this sweet, romantic, western series filled with hope and second chances.

4. Bonny and the Bank Robber – It all started with a bumble bee…
Bonny mixes up words when she gets worried, and people have teased her all her life. She has no close friends, not even her twin anymore. When a quiet man finds her hiding in the glen behind her house, he leads her into a scheme that could put her whole family in danger. Mixing up words and her growing attraction for the one man who treats her well might be the least of her worries.
Gavin Hart has a chip on his shoulder, and he can’t wait to exact revenge.
Everyone outside of the gang he used to consider family is afraid of him. And they should be. Until he meets a woman talking to a bumblebee on his route into Redemption Bluff. In moments, his world shifts when she treats him like a gentleman, not a criminal. But he is a bank robber and what he’s done will always haunt him.
Can Gavin escape the tangle of plot against Bonny and the shadows of his past to get his own redemption?

5. Gloria and the Gunman – Gloria DeVry has just watched her twin sister find love in the tiny Old West town of Redemption Bluff, Kansas, and now she wants a true love of her own.
She thought the town doctor was the best choice, even after Seamus O’Connor treated her like his one and only. But really, how could a well-brought-up Southern belle even think of marrying an Irish saloonkeeper like Seamus? Even after the War Between the States took most choice from her.
Seamus killed a man to protect Gloria’s family, but the guilt of murder drove him away. Even when Gloria gets him to return – and is hurt in the process – he still has to face the posse that passes for law in Redemption Bluff and the difficulties of the love triangle formed by himself, Gloria and the doctor – who’s now treating her because of him.
When Gloria heals, will her heart turn against Seamus as it has before, or can she accept him as he is? And after rejecting Seamus, dare she hope for a second chance?

8. Reese and the Renegade – She’s loved him for years. He can’t divert attention from his practice. But when Reese takes charge, will he marry her or shoot her?
Redemption Bluff, Kansas 1896. Reese watches as her days pass slowly by without Drake. But when she’s driven to take matters into her own hands, she devises a scheme to finally get what she knows they both desire. A costume and a gun aren’t normal wedding attire, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
Drake is caught in a trap. He’s the only doctor in over a day’s ride and he can’t afford distractions, especially one as pleasant as Reese. He knows her desires, but he’s not good enough to take care of a town and a woman who deserves so much more.
Secrets abound as Drake is challenged to a duel and mysterious visitors arrive in Redemption Bluff. All hints point to Reese, but all reason denies the truth right in front of him.
Can a shotgun wedding lead to marital bliss?

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8. Reese and the Renegade


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