Reaper’s Pet Series by Athena Storm, Zora Black (.ePUB)

Reaper’s Pet Series by Athena Storm, Zora Black (.ePUB)

Reaper’s Pet Series by Athena Storm, Zora Black (1-5)
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Overview: Athena Storm loves romance with a heavy dose of action and adventure. If your heart’s already racing, your pulse is already pounding, why not make sure the greatest stakes possible are out there?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Caged Mate – They’re the stuff of nightmares.
Aliens so frightening that many people think they’re legends.
But they’re real.
And now they’ve taken me.
You’re in deep trouble if the Reapers find your ship in space.
If they board you, chances are you’ll die.
Most likely they’ll loot your ship.
Take your women.
Sometimes they’ll even eat your heart.
They’re brutes. Pirates. Murderers.
And now they’ve captured me and the ship I was on.
The galaxy has treated me like garbage.
But the Reaper King that claims me…
He treats me like his princess.
He loves me. He gives me treats.
He takes care of me and protects me.
He shows me more kindness than anyone in the galaxy ever has.
So maybe I belong in this dark world of pirates.
When civilized people are the truly malevolent ones.
With their wars and their deceit.
Maybe the simple violence of the Reaper soul is where I belong.
It’s twisted.
It’s dark.
It’s sick.
But with my Reaper King…it’s home.

2. Caged Prey – I’ve lived a sheltered, privileged, silly life.
All it takes is one moment to go away.
And now my role is simple.
To be prey.
The Reapers burned everything.
They destroyed and looted the space port that we had stopped in.
They…He…killed everyone that tried to defend me.
Broke them with his bare hands.
Bathed in their blood before throwing me over his shoulder.
He caged me.
Leashed me.
Scared me.
But he also trained me.
Protected me.
Fed me.
And loved me.
I am now his.
Juliana, the Princess I used to be is dead.
From her ashes, is a woman who is stronger.
Aware of the madness of this galaxy.
I don’t expect many to understand.
They wouldn’t understand the darkness he comes from.
Or the twisted madness of the galaxy.
They’d say we’re sick.
That this is madness.
It’s not.
It’s a real love between us.
And it will kill all who stand against us.

3. Caged Toy – He’s supposed to be the most brutal creature in the galaxy. And I’m his toy.
He came to my planet as a raider.
Destroyed the town I lived up in.
Burned the farm I grew up on.
He captured me.
He owns me.
Told his crew that I was his pet.
He’s in complete control.
I am his to do with as he pleases.
Now every nerve has begun to throb in that low, delicious way.
The way it never has.
As if there is a promise held deep within my body.
And my mind must obey it.
It bleeds away sense.
It destroys caution.
It begs me to open myself and let him in.
This great, terrible murderous…thing.
My soul begs for him. To make me his.
This cannot be happening.

4. Caged Slayer – His brutality is shocking.
But his love is overwhelming.
He is a force of nature.
Even the name sounds harsh.
His chiseled, warrior body hides a brutal and hard past.
A Reaper. A killer. He ravages and burns.
He kills his enemies and drinks their blood.
Drogan doesn’t care what I think.
He wants to possess me.
Own me.
He craves me so badly that he would eat every scrap of my flesh to make sure no one else could ever touch it.
Even though he’s rough, there is such reverence in it.
It really is like worship.
To him, I’m rare.
He appreciates me.
And most of all…
He loves me.

5. Caged Property – My family and I fled the Reapers.
We were caught.
My family is dead.
And I’m a trophy.
At first I was frantic to get free.
I’ve heard the stories of these monsters.
They pillage and plunder.
They kill everyone who opposes them.
And eat their victims.
But then, in that crowded pen.
In the midst of my fear.
I saw him. Llyron.
And my fear began to flee.
I was fascinated by the patterns on his skin.
I wanted to examine his eyes.
If I could look at him and not be threatened by his fury, I think I would enjoy it.
I’m still terrified.
But only because I can’t guess at what he wants me for.
I’ve never had any experiences.
I’m not that kind of girl.
Except now I’m a toy.
A part of me loves it.
It’s like a pressure.
Begging to be released.
It’s an ache.
An itch that I haven’t yet reached.
And that’s when I realize.
This sick and twisted union is perfect for me.
We…are…perfect. For each other.

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