Quarantine Omega series by Lizzy Bequin (.ePUB)+

Quarantine Omega series by Lizzy Bequin (.ePUB)+

Quarantine Omega series by Lizzy Bequin (#1-2)
Requirements: .ePUB/AZW3 Reader, 1.2 MB
Overview: Hailing from the Deep South, Lizzy Bequin enjoys writing dark and steamy romance stories that explore the primal side of love and lust. When she’s not writing or reading, Lizzy is serving the whims of the two evil feline overlords who rule her home.
Genre: Romance


Marked Omega (#1): Used as bait. Marked as a mate.
I knew it was a bad idea to come into the quarantine zone. But I never expected to find myself chained to a tree as bait.
A piece of meat to lure the Alphas in.
Soon my body will go into estrus, filling the air with pheromones. I’ll be unable to hide my body’s urgent need.
I know exactly what will happen then. I’ve studied the stories about the cataclysm.
The beasts will descend upon me, craving my omega flesh. They will claim me. They will use me in the most shameful ways imaginable. They will share my body for their savage pleasure.
And I will love it.
Howls at the edge of the forest. More than one. They are almost here.
My time is almost up…

Shared Omega (#2): Three enemy Alphas, one shared mate…
I was sent into the Quarantine Zone on a rescue mission.
But when things go sideways and I find myself stranded, who will rescue me from the savage beasts who stalk the Zone?
The Alphas.
They can tear a man limb from limb. But the things they do to females are unspeakable.
Now my body is changing. I’m an omega, and I’m in heat. My scent is drawing the Alphas in, and it’s only a matter of time before they find me, before I’m theirs.
Theirs to own. Theirs to use.
Theirs to share.

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