Protecting Her Curves by Julie Scarlet (.ePUB)

Protecting Her Curves by Julie Scarlet (.ePUB)

Protecting Her Curves by Julie Scarlet (Curvy Girls Club Series Book 1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 149 kb
Overview: Protecting Her is my First Priority.

Sarah isn’t interested in love or a relationship. After a string of bad relationships, she’s content with the occasional night out with her BFFs and focused on her internship at a law firm. But one night changes everything she thinks about her life now and about her ability to ever feel safe again.

Jared knows the moment he sets eyes on the curvaceous beauty, she’s someone he wants to get to know better. Despite his good looks and charm, the seasoned alpha male usual tricks don’t work with her. She’s not like any of the young, gorgeous women he’s ever swooned. This one will require more effort.

When Sarah starts receiving sweet tokens of affection, she automatically assumes it’s Jared, but she feels a set of eyes are constantly watching her. Where ever she goes, Whatever she does, they follow.

The question is who is watching her?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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