Power of Love Series by Roma James (.ePUB)

Power of Love Series by Roma James (.ePUB)

Power of Love Series by Roma James (1-4)
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Overview:Roma grew up devouring her mother’s Harlequin romance novels without her knowledge. (Sorry, Mom!) Although she studied business in college, she eventually cultivated a career with her first love: writing romance books.
Genre: Erotic


1. Revelations – My best friend is dead, but I’m still here…
Losing Annie tore me open and ripped my heart out. She was as close to me as a sister and we were supposed to be friends until we turned wrinkled and gray. She’s gone and nothing can bring her back. The best way I know to honor her memory is to take a page out of her book and explore my adventurous side. Maybe Annie was onto something with this harem thing, and I think I’m ready to find out
Ready or not, here come Zach… and Brennan… and Davis.
After losing his wife to cancer, Captain Zach Tanner knows what it means to grieve, but the closer we get, the more he lights up. His kisses cast a spell over me and open my heart to the idea of something deeper. Staff Sergeant Brennan Rhodes is a patient, which means he’s supposed to be off limits. But his determination to overcome his injury and the heat in his eyes whenever we touch is enough to make me want to break the rules. And Lieutenant Davis Whidby and I sure know how to flirt, but I’m ready for the real thing. I’m ready for all of them.
Three military men and me; it’s hard to believe, but now that I have them, I know I’ll never be able to go back to what I had before. And if that means I need a bigger bed, so be it.

2. Crossroads – I’m ready to live a little…
I thought everything was going great until squealing wheels and twisted metal took one of my best friends from me. Losing Annie slams home just how short life can be, and I need to explore my desires, even if they’re a bit…unorthodox. I may be meticulous when I’m holding a scalpel, but outside the operating room I’m ready to take a shot at something I never let myself want before.
Enter Scott…and Malcolm… and Gage.
Scott’s discipline at work is in sync with my focus on patient care, and his methodical nature outside of the hospital makes my knees weak. Malcolm’s caring heart reels me in while his kisses leave me breathless. And attraction with rough-edged Gage has been sizzling for months when it finally explodes into something more. That leaves me with the best kind of problem. Three men are crazy about me, and I want them all.
It’s unconventional. I can’t make everybody understand. But my guys have each claimed my body and my heart, and there’s no way I’m choosing between them.

3. Destinies – They crave control. They’re accustomed to having exactly what they want. And all three men want one thing…Me.
I’m a surgeon, one of the best, but when it comes to looks, I don’t stand out. Sure, I’ve got red hair and men seem to love my green eyes, but I’m not a girl who turns heads. I certainly never expect to be the center of attention of three gorgeous, ripped men.
Three very fine men in uniform.
Spencer is a fellow military doctor. A brilliant surgeon who comes from old money. Tall, dark and masterful. His first touch ignites a firestorm of arousal.
Jason is a street-wise cop. Massive, muscular, his rugged good looks steal my breath and unravel my defenses.
Liam has a heart of gold but is Hollywood handsome. His wicked kiss and whispered promises demand control in the bedroom.
Three gorgeous men, all vying for my attention.
There’s more to life than work. There’s more to love than just one man. My guys have claimed my body, and I’m ready for all of them to own my heart.

4. Illusions – Three gorgeous military men who know just what they want. A woman to protect, to cherish, and to share. Forever.
As a nurse at the VA hospital, I can take on any challenge. I understand medicine. Men – not so much. I’m a little on the shy side when I get around a guy – let alone three guys.
But Sergeants Farrell, Strom, and Wilson make it clear that they want me. And they want to share me. Each man is strong and handsome and in his own way gets my pulse racing.
Sergeant Aaron Farrell lives to challenge anyone. It’s a wonder they haven’t booted him from the military. Tall, tatted, he’s trouble in a fine-fitting uniform. His easy smile hides a domineering core.
Sergeant Hux Strom is as sweet as he is charming. He’s recovering from an injury, but he’s more than ready to whisper dirty things in my ear. His grey eyes and intense gaze promise wicked games.
Sergeant Matt Wilson is a true Southern gentleman. He’s mannerly and kindhearted and has wanted me from the beginning.
These military men are best friends who love to share. They click together like pieces of a puzzle, and they promise that I’ll fit perfectly between them.

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4. Illusions


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